Wednesday, May 24, 2017

24~ Errands With Benefits

If this sign were hanging somewhere around the Bird House do you think it would help my garden... specifically the flower garden? Like a if you sign it, they will grow incentive. I like signs, letters, words, old wood, metal, embossing, and fresh cut flowers. Today I was out running farm errands, which amounts to buying hay, goat chow, and chicken feed, then visiting the kittens, chicks, and goats, or pigs or ducklings. This is an errand with benefits, because I always conclude that: As long as I am out here, I may as well stop at my favorite shops, and see what treasures are inspiring, or irresistible. And I can include a visit at my favorite market, where even buying staples feels like a pleasant activity.

So, what was tempting, this time?

Answer: Two gray tabby kittens, and three baby goats, a 1950's dress, an old fashioned post box embossed with the word "Post" and a bird and painted a fresh, spring green, a jar full of Scrabble letters, China cups, a Pyrex bowl, a butterfly print, old yardsticks, and the Fresh Cut Flowers sign. I came home empty handed... almost! Just as I was leaving the last shop, a little second-hand costume jewelry owl necklace begged to come home with me. Errands, with benefits, what a nice way to get some farm chores done.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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