Tuesday, May 09, 2017

9~ Crochet Blues

Is this a sad post? Maybe, a bit. If it is, it's my own darn fault. The trouble begins with granny squares; I keep making them, and when I ran out of rose colored yarn, I switched to blue ones. But I still had not learned a satisfying way to attach them. Now I have a drawer, overflowing, with rose and gray squares, and another drawer crammed with blue squares. Ok... that's the first part of my blues... Recently I decided to start a blue, cotton yarn blanket, and I committed to making it wide enough to attach rows of the blue granny squares from my stash. I measured. I planned. I was sure. The double crocheted rows of blue cotton yarn are coming along, and I concocted a solid method for attaching the granny squares (at last!) But guess what?? My strip of attached granny squares is too short to align with the blanket. Two and half inches, too short... but, my planning! The measuring! The confidence! Foiled. Shut down. Humiliated. Vexed. Addled. Instead of eliminating a work. in. progress. with a grand endeavor, I have created another wip. Now I have two incomplete, poorly planned blue cotton yarn works in progress. (And let's not even raise the question... Who needs to make blankets??)

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Jennifer said...

Just add in extra in betweenings to make those grannies snug right in. Homemade is the best made, always. Be as creative as I know you are, let go of the preconceived plan, and see what happens when you improvise. I can guarantee that the result will be treasured.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You knew it all along. I kept reading this message from you, in my head, in my heart, and you gave me the courage to push forward. You knew, and I thank you.