Friday, June 02, 2017

2~ Worthwhile

On Instagram I shared a peony bud, tightly closed, with pink and mottled petals densely layered, closed, like a secret. I remarked, As though buying yourself flowers isn't a nice enough treat, peonies are like prettily wrapped gifts, that open themselves, to delight. In the store, some peonies are already open, already glorious and bodacious, and they are tempting. But my favorites are the private, shy ones. I don't mind seeing them before they bloom, waiting, observing the quiet affair... petals multitudinous, and unfurling, some blushing and smooth, some finely ruffled, a sensuous eruption, unhurried. Peonies are made to delight, blossom to do so. I hope you can grow them, and if not, like me, I hope you can buy yourself this worthwhile treat.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

I am delighted that you treat yourself to the joy of peonies (and am always surprised to think that there are things that grow here, but not there). We have one big plant that's happily established (that we brought with us from our old house) and 4 that we've planted more recently and are hoping will take. Their bloom time may be brief, but it is magnificent -- from bud to last petal.