Sunday, June 04, 2017

4~ Impromptu

A few peaches from our small tree, two apricots... barely ripe. If the trees do better next year, share more delicious fruit, this dessert will be doubled, or tripled, or more! It's a Trader Joe's frozen puff pastry, defrosted and unrolled onto parchment paper. I sliced the peaches, and apricots and sprinkled them with a generous tablespoon of sugar, and of pancake mix (also TJ's), then added a dash of the Penzeys Pumpkin Pie spice (Thank you, Jennifer!) Into a 400 degree oven, until it looked golden and smelled yummy. I half-heartedly threw a little powered sugar at it, because I thought it would look pretty, but then we couldn't control ourselves and ravaged the little thing, in no time, so the effect was only a silly delay! I love our sweet orchard, and impromptu peach creations.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


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So glad the spices are coming in handy, and that your place is caring for you all so tastefully~~~