Friday, July 28, 2017

28~ Local Outing

Bonsoir, Pierre~

A small cheat for A Picture a Day, because these pictures are not from today, but from last night. From a wonderful, local outing, last night. Yanina was our host, her home abloom and open, welcoming, as always. It was a dinner party that saw, nearly, all of us Mom's Night Out moms together, again, as we've done monthly, for nearly 21 years. When we began, at B's old house, the topics of conversation were preschools, potty training, and "finding time." We are still "looking for time" to do all the things we hope for, or dread, but now those "children" are getting married, in graduate school, moved across country, and still making us smile, laugh, and feel thankful. Moms will, it seems, always need a night out, no matter how "empty" the nests.

One more thought... Yanina brings her art and hospitality to everything she does, including gardening, cooking, and table setting. This time, she was inspired by a restaurant, and a corresponding cookbook... The Malibu Farm Cookbook must be worth ordering. Yanina certainly served us a delicious endorsement for it!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Jennifer said...

The first thing I am in awe of is 21 years of monthly moms' nights out!!! That is incredible, amazing, and wonderful. And then, of course, this location and food and table settings AND your photos; like something out of the most deluxe magazines/pro-blogs. What an experience even just to have this view of the event!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Remarkable, right? It takes me by surprise, and I'm in the group! There are a thousand things I could say about our experiences, our friendships, and the events we've shared. I wouldn't know where to start, or stop. But, right now, I am struck by the idea of "starting." It pays to start on ideas, to begin acting on plans, on inspiration, because something very good and lasting may come of it, or at least you may enjoy a moment, or event, that is worthwhile, if brief.

As for the photos... Yanina's home, her artful eye, and aesthetic, make taking pictures even more compulsory for me than usual. Everything is tasteful, inspiring, pretty, ready to appear in a magazine spread, and all I had to do was point my phone, and click!