Friday, August 11, 2017

11~ Twilight

The misty blue, in their twilight.

It's hard to separate wonder and gratitude for all of the good things in our lives from the political climate, headlines, angst, and Tweeted drama of this new age. The dark bits, the hateful spewing, and rhetoric seep into our daily lives, and how can we look away? It's news. It's the daily message, tone, policy. And it is a new age. Our familiar, if imperfect, ideas of America, of engagement, presence, and values, are eroding, deteriorating, at such a rapid fire pace, one scarcely recognizes the landscape of our society and discourse from what it was a year ago. I am not idealizing our country, or sweeping our shortcomings under a rug... we are flawed, and always have been, but I did appreciate the effort to promote peace, to maintain civility, to foster respect, to value intellect, expertise, science, education, our environment, civil rights, justice, morality, truth. Those are good goals, good standards. When did truth become so blatantly eschewed? Why is kindness equated with weak-kneed liberalism, or spineless inaction? I think I know, but it's hard to get a decent discussion on the subject... I am astounded at how ferociously the new age is defended, excused, 'rationalized,' or simply accepted in exchange for one piece of moralizing legislation, or favor. I have been admonished for even trying to express my concerns so that I am, frankly, scared to speak, reluctant to voice opposition. Thankfully, there are still eloquent, bolder voices, speaking aloud, questioning, and holding us accountable. Would you believe... I miss old Republicans, the sort that held conservative values, and saw another way around a problem... we didn't always agree, but I'd like to go back to heated debate, mild banter, even a little moral outrage, instead of what passes for "leadership," the locked and loaded, abuse suspects, grab 'em where you may brand of government.

It's hard to sleep, to sit quietly with my thoughts, because the news, and social media, are infused with hate, with acrimony, threats, blustering, greed, and oppression. I don't feel safe, nor powerful. I don't feel great, or even like I am part of something that espouses greatness. In case you're wondering, I choose love.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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