Friday, August 18, 2017

18~ Plenty for Sharing

When Maria volunteered in the school garden, she came home with loads of tomatoes. We also had quite a few homegrown tomatoes to use up... so, we got busy, making salsa. Aren't those teeny Spoon tomatoes adorable? That would be their one redeeming quality... looking cute. But mostly they are a tiny big pain! Tedious to harvest, annoying to wash and sort, and just a laborious process, for little return. I did not plant these... they returned from last year. I'm sure we are doomed to see them (everywhere) in our yard, forever. Our fate is sealed, but if you haven't fallen for these cute, tiny nightshade wonders: Don't! Spare yourselves!

It's possible I take pictures and post every single time I make salsa, and I've probably shared the recipe a few times, too. Probably because of the colors and textures, I can't help but want to capture the beauty. Also, I just get very excited about how delicious fresh salsa is... it's like the culinary expression of summer, the heat, the sweetness of garden tomatoes, the abundance, and sharing with friends. I hope you have garden tomatoes, however big or tiny, and that there are plenty for sharing, too.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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