Thursday, September 07, 2017

A New Direction

With Infinity More Monkeys, Chickenblog has been posting a picture a day for over a year and half. I've enjoyed it, and at times I have been vexed by it... I always have pictures, but sometimes I am short on time, or gumption. Lately, I have been particularly derailed... because of new schedules, old patterns, new demands, old habits. I am sure there's a good reason, somewhere in the mix, for my not staying on track, but maybe it's alright to take a new direction, for now, or forever. We'll see.

Last week, Maria and I went to see some friends... Leo, and Bosco, and we met Mabel (she's on Instagram: MaeMae_MiniPig) It was nice walking the doggos, and Mabel... well, she's just a hoot!

I want to say more. But I just spent a long time being aggressively friendly and effusive about a band I love, and now, I suspect, I should get back to homeschooling, carpooling, cleaning, cooking, and other "ings."

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Jennifer said...

Resting is always part of the creative process <3