Friday, September 15, 2017


Dare I say... summer is waning? We had a terrible spell of record heat, and humidity. But that was over quickly, mercifully. Days are perceptibly shorter. I bought yarn. Yarn in a decidedly autumn hue, golden and spiced, like pumpkin, like leaves still hanging in trees, but ready to fall. I am ready to fall. Ready to crochet shawls, and make soups. Ready to anticipate falling leaves. Ready to read aloud, not sitting between two fans and open windows, but near the fireplace, with quilts, and cats, woolen socks. I feel the tug of home, and as I was browsing through my phone, I thought my longing for comforts and coziness of home are pretty evident in the pictures I've been taking. It makes me thankful, glad.

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angela said...

I usually love winter. But this year it's been bitterly cold and very very wet. So I'm looking forward to spring. To sitting outside and playing in the dirt. To having the sun on my face
Until I start to whine about the heat lol