Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tea & Company

Maria tiptoed into our room with a big cup of hot tea, for me. Suddenly a cozy morning, beneath an open window, with hints of fall blowing in, became even sweeter. I sat up to sip my treat, Maria slipped between the covers, and the cats positioned themselves for snuggling, too. What could possibly compel me to leave this nest? While Geoff slept, Maria and I chatted in whispers, we giggled, sighed, and doted on cats. I picked up my shawl, added two more rounds. Now it's at the plodding part, where it takes a lot more effort to show any results. It progresses, somehow.

Maria and I talked about the first, official, day of fall, and how soon is not too soon to bring out Halloween decorations. We talked about all the pretty things we saw when we went window-shopping, and then we played with the collar of fluff Cairo wears around his shoulders, and admired how regal he looks. I reflected that I will be making a floral crown for a friend, this week. Then, Maria described our shared desire to return to Massachusetts. We don't need much prompting to think of why we should go, what we would do. This time she declared, "We could add maple leaves to the crown," and we both recalled the maple leaf roses we made in Jennifer and Ken's garden. And we sighed some more, wistfully, longing for New England and our friends there.

Tea in bed. What a thoughtful gift. And clouds, and open windows, cats, and Maria's joyful, generous company... it's wonderful to be in a beautiful moment, to feel it, and hold it, and store it up for happy recollection.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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