Monday, October 02, 2017

Well That Was Easy

All I did was invite sixty or more close friends to bring their lunches to the park. I did not concern myself with any details except the time and place, and our own food. Then, for fun, I made pumpkin muffins to share. Geoff ran to the market for our favorite bread, Maria collected a few beach chairs, and we put those in the van. I made pesto. Alex suggsted chocolate, and Geoff was very obliging with that idea. I let it stay simple, and I wanted it to be easy... no worries about who could come, or not, no fretting over elaborate menus, entertainment, or whatever was left "undone."

Nature provided a postcard day... the color of the sky, the shade of the trees, the breeze, the red tailed hawk perched at the pond, the ducks, the perfectly spaced boulders for hopping along. And friends arrived, we shared in a plentiful lunch, and laughter.

I don't know when my life got so complicated or off-track that the idea to enjoy a picnic feels "inspired" or rare, but if you are like me, and can't remember the last time you visited a park, met friends there, and just hung out while everyone did their thing... do it! No one has to be the host, or do all the heavy lifting, and even the fact that we set a start and finish time, made it feel fun, without encroaching on the whole day. Ok... so, I am easily impressed, not hard to amuse, I know. But seriously... life needs more "easy," more low-agenda, relaxed get togethers. Drop by, sit back, run around, picnic with us... we'll be doing this again, real soon.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


nikkipolani said...

Oh, how you tempt with this post, throwing that "easy" word around like falling leaves.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I love that imagery, Anne... "easy" falling like leaves.
Take the temptation, and run with it! I feel silly for realizing and declaring such obvious, simple, things, but there's my truth: I forget and lose touch with the easy things, and setting aside two hours to eat lunch with friends in a park was easily one of the most invigorating and rewarding pastimes of recent memory.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!