Monday, November 20, 2017


Does it seem like this is becoming Kitty Blog? The chickens are just barely beginning to look like they may start to consider recovering from their Molt-aggeddon. I don't know if anyone's interested in seeing ravaged, zombie hens, rat sketches, or embroidery floss. I'm taking a break from crochet, haven't quilted since forever. And I only cook popcorn, toaster waffles, or spaghetti... it feels like that, at least. It's just cats, cats, and kitty cats in my iphoto albums.

I was all set to share a post about Maria and I painting ceramics, and our eager anticipation of picking them up today. But... pfttttt!! They couldn't find us in their system. Uh... we were in your store for two days, for seven hours! Hello? No record of us, or our plates, or anything. And I can hear the studio dude assuring me, You won't need the receipt. Don't worry. Why did I believe this? Why? Ok... they found our paperwork, and figured out that our plates are in the kiln, and not ready, yet. But the shop is out of our way, and traffic, and timing, and just the long span of time when we were standing in front of them feeling anxious, and replying, Yes, we exist. Yes, we were here. No, my name is not Judy, or Mary, Susan, Steven, Trish. Yes, we paid. Yes, we are quite sure.

It's not an actual crisis, I know. And nothing about this is interesting or compelling, worth repeating... it's just that I am having a kind of hard time week month year. I am only whining, this little bit, over nothing, to relieve some of the real pressure. Do you ever feel awful for complaining, guilty for stressing, apologetic for being weepy, or wimpy? I think I am over-stressed just from the strain of trying not to be too sensitive, needy, weak, selfish, emotional, and dismayed that I have internalized those messages and labels, which distort and undermine my ability to cope and manage the actual issues. Well, now this is getting meaty. This might be a good time to post another cat picture, or just hit *delete.*


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Nothing wrong with a Kitty Blog, and I can sympathize with your stresses, my friend.