Monday, November 27, 2017

That Was Easy

*Sarah, Amira, Emma, Maria, Izzy, Adrian, and Leo~

This milestone birthday has been eagerly anticipated, and it would have been a shame to let it get lost in the shuffle... the truth is, things have been heavy, sad, and full of obstacles around here. Thankfully, we had a moment of clarity, and Maria's simple and easy request was irresistible... some friends, chocolate shakes, burgers, a movie. Oh! And our Christmas tree! Even on short notice, friends came through. And there were turkey burgers, and running around on a brisk fall afternoon, chocolate banana shakes, The Lord of the Rings, and an apple crisp. Sweet gifts... so generous, and fun!

New art supplies from cousin Izzy! Stencils and paints, and a handy storage, too. Love-love.

Leo and Carol came with this beautiful wreath they made. Truly breathtaking. Really, every gift was generous, fun, but I know Maria loved having her friends around, playing, sharing laughs, thoughts, and happy company, most of all. She's so thankful, and beaming from a merry celebration.

*All of us grown-ups were gobsmacked seeing our "little ones" lined up for this photo... when they're running around, hanging out, it's less apparent, but! Wow! When did our youngsters stretch, mature? For sure, they are not "little ones." Oh my heart! Naturally, I had to go back and remind myself of just how much they've grown, and in the memories I found even happier reminders... of friends, and family, celebration, love, sweet gifts, all.

Turning 11...


Cowgirl at 8! Hey, would this theme work for a 51st birthday celebration??

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Theresa said...

Happy birthday! She is adorable!