Monday, September 24, 2018

Back to School, Back to Vikings

It's not that we want to celebrate too early... we just want to make the moment last, and last. Fall, pumpkins, turning leaves, even a morning drizzle, all of it is welcome and celebrated, merrily. So, we have pumpkins, already, and Halloween inspired sketches.

The witch hat? Oh, that's just a Thursday thing, where Maria goes to school. She is making it to the after school meetings for Robotics Club, and the lunch meetings for the Comic Club. She's finding her people, exploring, discovering, and navigating. It's fun to observe, to listen to her accounts of activities and the subjects that are becoming favorites, even the less favorite moments are shared in detail, with firm conviction of stance. Some things, of course, are not as expected, but she's catching on, and settling in. High school. She's got this.

As for my back to school. Whew! Last class was hard. My usual days are a mix of activities, and paces, and places. In class, my attention is on the lesson, and in the moment, for 6 hours! And there were some personality clashes that popped up, rather dramatically, which added some tension. That was weird. Atypical.

The brush strokes are Stan's, our second teacher. He's masterful. I am not showing a particularly masterful example. I took the picture, because this was the paper where he wiped off paint. I would be happy to produce strokes like these from wiping off my brushes.

Yes, I am still in the humbled phase, and nothing I did in class compelled me to take a picture. I came home and passed out, until dinner, then decided to use what I learned, and once again apply it to my own little pieces.

Max's back to school is upon us, too. His move-in date came, and we helped him get some stuff into his dorm. It was surprisingly difficult to determine which was the "A bed." Unfortunately, the A bed was the least appealing, and it's corresponding desk isn't great, either. The little apartment has 3 rooms and 7 residents. Also, it's about the furthest from the center of campus as can be. But! There are trees, and greenbelts, and even an edibles garden, and the path to campus is wide and clear of street traffic. We walked a lot that day.

Pumpkins and marigolds are back. And lilikoi butter is back... and I am thankful for the blog, because I needed the recipe I used last year, but I couldn't remember which recipe I used, or where to find it, then I remembered Chickenblog! So, it's back to school, back to fall, back to loads and loads of passion fruit, and...

Back to the Viking Festival! And for this I am only sharing pictures, and one thought: I want to runaway and join a Viking guild and learn to make lots and lots of things!

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