Saturday, November 24, 2018

Every Bit As Much As We Can

By the time my favorite time of year comes around, I already feel like time is running out, and I want to appreciate every bit of fall, and traditions, the changing weather, the anticipation of holidays, the hope of seeing family. Not everything can turn out as we might hope, and not all of our activities are carefree and light... but we have been enjoying as much of every bit of the goodness of the season as we can. Falling asleep beside me, late Thanksgiving night, Maria murmured contentedly, "We really did have a nice Thanksgiving, didn't we?"

If you still hang around FB, and want something beautiful to lift your spirits, may I suggest... Fred Cohen Photography? Most of the year he is sharing New York sights, which increasingly inspire me to get there, someday. And then... then there are the trips Fred and Anna B make, around the world, and sometimes to our own backyards, and those are really rousing! I am always eagerly anticipating their next adventure, and the photographs that follow. I am submitting a proposal to join them, as a baggage handler, novice guide. Fred kindly lets me use his photographs to practice my painting lessons, which I appreciate.

"No pictures!" That was the command of Mia, the birthday girl, that invited Maria bowling... and I think I made a decent compromise, only taking blurry-artsy images. It was too hard to resist taking pictures of the fun, the friends, the lights and action. And I'm posting these, however questionable the quality, because they are a prompt to remind me of our daughter, almost 14, her new friends, and happy moments of high school.

Hey! Our make club, #BOoMNerds, received a very cool kit from our friends at Echanted Leaves... it's for electroforming, which I explain in our first ever unboxing video!

Whoa... that was a lot of links.

But. Do, please, check-out our video, which shows all the neat stuff we are going to use to learn how to make more neat stuff!

Or... you can just go directly to Nedda's marvelous shop, Enchanted Leaves, and dive into the sales happening now, for the beautiful jewelry she makes. Support handmade!

Final projects. I keep adding just one more painting to my final projects portfolio. I can't believe this class is almost over. Sad face.

This is me, trying ingratiate myself into Chibi's heart... I was pet sitting, but I think this may be proof that I traumatized my friends' doggo. I'm sorry, Chibi.

Maria, Bambi, Alex, Max, and William... and with this picture, my Thanksgiving joy was complete.

Just... one. more. final. project.

Every bit, as much as we can, we are loving this wonderful time of the year.


zan said...

Hi, I tried two different browsers to get to Fred Cohen's Facebook page, and I think you need to remove the %22 at the end of your link. And now I will get back to enjoying the photographs in your own post...stunning as usual. Zan

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Zan! Hello. Thank you for pointing out the broken link. It's all better now.

It's nice to hear from you... helpful, and kind! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful season.