Saturday, June 08, 2019

June Views

June 1 ::
As much as I could, I squared the pieced "squares," then bordered them with the blue sash. Now what? I've got a quilt top, but the fabric is so worn and thin, it will never do for an actual quilt. Maybe it can be a window covering in our barn... maybe I shouldn't have put so much time and effort into this. So... a silver lining? I got some sewing and squaring practice, a little re-familiarizing myself with piecing, and my machine. Darn... trying to look for the positive has actually only reminded me that I think my Janome is need of a serious tune-up, or even an up-grade. It sounds like it's sewing over sticky sandpaper.

June 2 ::

Emma Thompson~
If I need a break from thinking about... anything, the answer is Chicken Time.


Here comes Pepper, or Pippi.

June 4 ::

My Honey Lavender tea comes with words of wisdom... and my cat appears with comic timing.

June 5 ::

The travelers, in Hokkaido... Noboribetsu.

There are only 9 days until the end of this first year of high school. (Can you see Cairo? He's watching Maria from the porch.)

June 6 ::

June 7 :: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Geoff and I had time together before bringing Max home from his last class of his junior year. We walked from the Glider Port, at Torrey Pines. We enjoyed the beauty of the bluffs and view, the wildflowers. And I tried to remember all I could from when my Mom was the UCSD student, when we lived in family housing, and would walk down to the beach from up here. After we picked up Max, we went to lunch, and admired the koi near Geoff's office.

June 8 ::

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