Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The blackberries surprised me. Sure, I planted them, years ago, but now they're all entwined and hidden in the deep green passion vine. In Oregon, my mom reports that the blackberries are still only blossoms, which is just right. I think of her blackberries in August, September. I don't know if we can make it to Oregon this year, but it makes me happy thinking that it's possible, and that we can enjoy the treats at the beginning of summer, and again at the end. As it is, we are spoilt, with peaches, blackberries, even apples, and apricots coming soon! The passion fruit won't be too far behind. And each new year, here in our Bird House, I feel surprised and thankful, because this home is so good to us.

It's summer, and we've had solstice, and lovely signs of all the goodness a rainy winter and spring can bring. Out in the world I hear all the murmurings of May Gray, and June Gloom fatigue. Most people have had enough of our season of overcast and mist, of cool mornings. Summer is slow to warm up along the coast. I smile quietly to myself, and think how nice it is that we don't have to launch straight into heat and glaring light. Soon enough, I think. Soon enough we will have hot days, and nights, and plenty of sunshine, and a summer that will linger well into October. I can wait.

I think when the sun does appear, these will ripen in an instant! When the apricots are ready to pick, I am inviting friends over to harvest and enjoy them with us. Right now, I can easily declare that I would be thrilled to live all summer long on chips with garden salsa and avocados, and apricots on toast!

Happy Summer, friends... I hope yours is coming around nicely.

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