Thursday, October 10, 2019

Here, Again...

Edited, October 15.

Did I overshare? Maybe, and not for the first time. Thank you for giving me space to vent a bit. And if you left a comment, please see my response and gratitude in the comments.


Adaliza said...

Natalie - I'm so sorry. I had no idea of the extent of this physically, emotionally or practically - your wonderful family photographs belie what you're going through. Sending you my love and wishes for strength and gentle recovery, from Winchester, UK Adaliza x

Ruth said...

Dear Natalie, I didn't realize you were still hurting so badly on every level. I hope it was therapeutic for you to write this. It's been a long journey for you,and it's not over yet. So many reminders torturing you along the way. Good luck at your upcoming court date. I pray it's the last one. Love to you.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Adaliza, thank you for the love and kind wishes. It has been hard... harder than I want to admit, face, share.
Thank you for hearing me, even when I am whining, because it helped me to just *shout* and kick the ground, and release some part of the frustration.

Laurie, I've had a few instances of talking with people who have been through something similar, and it's inexplicably comforting to relate, to hear my thoughts and reactions, and struggles expressed by someone else. It's the realization that I am not alone, that these feelings and challenges are real. It does make me sad, because I am reminded that so many of us carry pain, or are trying to recover. I'd so love to lift everyone's burdens; we could all use some kindness and space to heal. *sigh* Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I really appreciate connecting with you.

Ah, Ruth... thank you, and sorry. I've been to therapy, again, and have had some suggestions for pain relief, and I am in a calmer space. I still feel angry and sad, and scared of the extreme pain returning, but I did get some relief from my *piss and moan* rant. Some day the papers and forms will be burned, the appointments and hearings will be all in the past, and I'll probably still be in physical therapy, but hopefully with only the thought of protecting my health... I'll get there!

I am censoring myself. A thoughtful friend advised me on this. I like to think that I am really rather anonymous on this public blog, but that's naive... yeah? Anyway, it helped me to speak my truth, of the moment, and I appreciate the concern, and support, and now... Forward!

Cat said...

No oversharing that I saw... Just real life, for good or ill...