Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Oh. My. Goat.

That's not what I am actually feeling at the moment. Not cute, nor endearing. Not bright-eyed, eager, ready to face the world. But however hard my day, whatever my mood, or challenge of the moment, I can't deny... my goats do help. They lift my spirits, make me smile (at least a smile, probably a grin, laughter.)


OMG... this day. I am too pooped for even an exclamation point. I am ready to runaway. Book me a cabin in the woods, a shack on an island, a bed with a heating pad. It's just been one little thing after another, and feeling breathless as I run in place, getting nowhere. Passwords, broken things, learning curves, dying and/or obsolete devices, flakey server, hot and dry weather, nameless dread, constantly nursing a temperamental neck and shoulders...

I could go on.


I just need to put it. out there.

The worst part is when I debate in my head between 2 points:
I am doing too much and should take it easy vs. I have done very little and will never catch up.

It is quite possible that both points are valid.

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