Monday, March 02, 2020

William's Birthday

Happy Birthday, William.

It's a funny thing about writing, expressing myself... I could write 10,000 words to describe William, and 10,000 more to express my love, my thankfulness for knowing him, for having the honor of being his mother. He is our first child, now a man, always my baby, someone I look up to, and everyday he gives me reason to feel the wonder of chance, of breath, and inspiration. I have been fortunate.

He didn't want to go out for dinner, or have company over. He wanted broccoli soup... the recipe we call confetti soup, and brownies with fruit for dessert. He wanted to go somewhere, and we chose Torrey Pines Reserve, a gorgeous hike to the edge of the bluff, and then back home to cook, and watch a few episodes of Dark Crystal. I told him about messages being posted on his FB wall, and he was surprised, touched. (He rarely looks at FB.) Max baked the vegan brownies, and we all devoured the fresh strawberries. Geoff chose William's gift...a ginormous Swiss Army knife, and we had a good time admiring all the features, figuring out some of the less familiar tools. It was a good day. It was a family day, and we laughed, and talked about things that interest us, like projects, art, making. We cooked together, and helped each other, and... I could write 100,000, 000 words about how much I love celebrating each of our children, Geoff, our lives, the happy chance that we are here.

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Angela said...

Happy birthday!!! What a lovely place to be! I simply love the ocean! Have a wonderful Sunday!!