Thursday, July 02, 2020

I Moved Out... but

Day 111 social distancing during a global pandemic. I live with the goats and chickens now. Dusting, laundry, and scrubbing pans got old, fast. So I packed my bedroll and bandanas, and moved in with the flock and herd. Being closer to the garden, I am in tune with the sprouts, the pumpkins turning gold, the potatoes in the earth. The hens have their roost, and as I am not staking any claim there, they, so far, have not objected to me tucking in. The goats and I are thinking of starting a trio, singing folk tunes, and songs of protest. None of us can carry a tune, but we are soulful, and that has to count for something! If Ada is going to continue nibbling at my hair, sampling my skirt, I might have to construct a top bunk for myself. Also, the wifi is sketchy out here, and I'll only be able to take cold showers, from the hose. I think moving out was a bold choice. It's been about 42 minutes. Tasha is feeling creative differences, and she's shirking rehearsals. The chickens noticed I am out of snacks. They're eyeing me suspiciously.

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