Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Oh, Just Ugh

1. I am sad. I started to list the reasons why, and... ok. yeah. nevermind. Or is it never mind? 2. Even though I committed to crocheting a blanket using the yarn I have on hand, I have already broken with my virtuous scheme, and ordered a few more skeins of yarn. I mean, please, it's no good using all the colors on hand, if they're going to clash. It's bad enough I use cheap acrylic yarn, I don't want to make a green, lavender, blue, yellow, teal, burgundy, and grey blanket. I was progressing at a happy rate, then realized that I don't want to get much further, before introducing the colors that I ordered, because I am still going for "harmonious, scrappy, pleasing, random, organic, unassuming, yet very pretty." Good grief, that sounds like a trope... the young woman in the movie that wears glasses, and scrappy shoes, has no idea she's beautiful. She's plucky and resourceful, a misunderstood outsider on the verge of greatness, brilliant, yet humble, poor, yet not weary enough to look down-trodden. Yeah, that's the blanket I am shooting for!
3. Here's something I wanted to share on Instagram. In Stories. Stories is a nice place to test something out, because it can be deleted, and it disappears after 24 hours. But it turned out longer than expected and I can't get the whole thing to load. I want a tech wand. A wave of my wand and I would understand why one time I had a very long video, and an IG window popped up and asked, "Would you like this long video to upload?" No pop up window option, this time. I'll post it here, instead. No. Nevermind. Never mind. No spellcheck. No autocorrect. No paragraph breaks. And no videos over five minutes. Back to point 1: I am sad.

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