Thursday, August 27, 2020


August 25

This is the first day of Maria's junior year of high school. It's not at all what we anticipated. At least, not until four or five months ago, but it still feels unexpected, and disappointing. Maybe that's why we didn't set things up until the last minute, because we have been in denial. Here we are, and we are fortunate, we have resources, like time, space, pencils and a sharpener. Geoff upgraded the wifi, so that his work, Bambi, Max, and Maria's online learning, and regular Internet use, will be more reliable. Maria and I rotated her furniture, packed away things she's outgrown, and made a desk area with a blank background for video chats. William brought up Feynman's chair from downstairs. We have other ideas and improvements we want to make, but this space is ready for AP Japanese, Ap English, and AP Art, plus a fourth class that she is still working out (there was a mix-up.) We will see what the world holds for us when her next semester begins, and she has History, Culinary Arts II, Math, and Creative Writing. For now, we are all focused, with Maria, on making the best of everything.

This is Bambi's first day, too, and last semester, with Fullerton, and she's interning with a very talented web designer and artist. Max has only one week left of Actuary Math II, then his diploma is clear. After that, he is going to make architectural plans and blue prints for a room addition we have been plotting! William is finishing making very thorough measurements of the entire house, so he can make a 3D model that Max can use for the new design, and Alex is going to be doing artist renderings and supporting Max for engineering. Let's see... Geoff is doing everything, as usual. He is programming, preparing the attic space for wiring up the solar panels to the grid (a task he's tackling himself,) getting ready to install a laser cutter (he already named her, Phoebe the Fire Princess!) He did the wifi, which naturally was more complicated and time consuming than reasonable. I can't list all the things Geoff accomplishes, has planned, manages. It's a lot. I fix at least one meal a day, take pictures, and act as a sort of Chicken and goat ombudsman... it's very technical, essential work.

Here I am, doing my part. Very technical. Super complicated. Totally essential.

And of course, we cannot leave out the cats. They too are essential, and keep us amused, bemused, and confused. That is the ABCs of cat work.

Here is a favorite part of my essential work. Ventura is often the last hen to hit the roost. Before she settles in for the night, she seeks me out, and we meditate together. Tasha came over for a closer look.

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