Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Starry Nights

Thank you for the stars and planets, for moons, nebula,
the Perseids, and August nights.
Thank you for fog, rolling clouds, thunderheads,
refraction, resonance.
Thank you for letting me be 14 years old,
then 22, 38, 53,
and for all the experiences and memories,
the stars set in motion
that brought me here.

August 12

It's all gardens and chickens, goats, and cats. It's all staying home, following the news, then banishing the news, then going back and checking, one more time. And then there is the night, and I am consumed with the stars at night, tracking the planets, searching for hours on end for the Perseids, squealing with the thrill of discovery when I see one. It's no wonder stories of fairies were made up, repeated. Sleepless, yet dreamy nights have been my summer's pleasure. My children have been roused on several occasions, dragged out into the garden. Geoff bought me real binoculars. I keep my GoSkyWatch app open, and busy. I take poor quality pictures, and they thrill me. I wince just once, then try again, because even though I could visit the best quality images and captures of the Moon, of the Orion Nebula, and Venus, the rings of Saturn... I still delight in what I see with my own eyes, snap with my own phone.

In August, even the day sky is something thrilling. I love the thunderheads that fill the eastern horizon. Every year. I feel so lucky to see these, every year.

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