Friday, October 23, 2020

Can You Hear Me Now

Time to experiment.

I cannot figure out why images aren't loading in the usual fashion. Blogger has its own system, with size options. And I am petulantly considering giving up on my own system of formatting and writing code, and just giving this way a go. Wait... one more thought: If I select "Original size," maybe it will post it as I formatted and exported the image, and not the actual original, full size. Ok... more experimenting.
Yes! Yes yes. Happy dance. The bonus being, I figured it by myself. W00t W00t. Please, someone, tell me you are W00t W00ting with me, just a little.


gretchenjoanna said...

I just noticed the category of response named "Goats" and I at least like goats, so I checked it, too, thought I don't know what you meant it to signify. :-)

I share your thrill at figuring out these blog platform things by yourself. I have spent so many hours on WordPress doing similar research/experiments/work. Just when I had it all figured out to my satisfaction and could attend to the more creative aspects, WordPress also changed things.

Back to work.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah, thank you! "Reactions" is one of the blogging features we can add to the layout, in Blogger. They're meant to elicit a quick feedback about the post, and when I saw how seriously other bloggers seemed about them, I couldn't help being cheeky with my choice of reactions. It signifies that I can't take things too seriously? Or, "what this post needs are more goats," or "good, there are goats."

Oh, I love it when I feel accomplished and settled with how Blogger works, and I can do it all like a pro, but that never lasts, because just when I achieve that level of comfort and confidence is when they do an upgrade. It's torture starting over... but yes, I admit, it's also thrilling to figure it out (hopefully, finally, at last) and I like to think it's good for my brain to learn new tricks.