Monday, November 09, 2020


All of my intentions, and all of my efforts, around not being consumed by the election, by anxiously waiting for the results... were helpful, but not foolproof. That was a hard, long, tense wait. Which night was it, Tuesday, Wednesday? when I went to bed steeling myself for four more years? I couldn't stand the possibility, but unconditional hope is a tough mindset for me to muster, let alone maintain. I am cycnical (yet, almost paradoxically naive. Something in me just can't help looking for good.) I think trauma has made me believe that reserving hope and confidence protects me from feeling crushed by disappointment, but my higher thoughts, the ones I am always trying to live by... they have proven that living half-way, fearfully, doubtfully, is a slow crush, and leaves little room to breath, to let joy permeate. Hope was never going to be enough, though.

Stacey Abrams portrait by Dan Winters, Photographic Systems.

To confront corruption, injustice, to call out the bad players and hold them accountable, to meet the challenges of this election, it would take hope and work, hope and vigilance, hope and strategy, stamina, support, intellect, and registered voters. Lots and lots of registered, succored voters for a Fair Fight. We have had amazing and dedicated people acting boldly, conscientiousnessly, for the welfare of democracy and voting rights, most notably, Stacey Abrams. I am looking forward to watching the documentary All In: The Fight For Democracy, and learning more about what she and others accomplished, and to be reminded that the problem of voter supression is never solved for good. Going forward, we have work to do to keep the right to vote in the hands of all citizens, especially Black, Indigenous, People of Color, the poor, anyone without influence. "We should not live in a nation where your access to democracy depends on your celebrity, your wealth, or your ZIP code," Abrams said in an interview with NPR.
And so, while I waited, I thought about what more we could do, no matter the outcome of the election. Four years ago, through shock and dismay, we resolved to counter anti-environmentalism with installing solar, and to meet all of the bad faith, racist, petty, and hurtful acts of 45 and his admiministration with expanding community outreach through STEM mentoring, and Making, and increasing our political activism, education, and support nationally, and locally. Those were commitments we took to heart, and stood by. Yes, I resolutely re-affirmed, no matter the outcome, we will stay this course... defending voter rights, being anti-racist, supporting the causes of justice, and especially continuing to share our personal interests in bringing science, technology, engineering, art, math, and music to our communities, to inspire young people, to recognize their innate intelligence and wonder.
Maria came into our room, Saturday morning, tears streaming down her cheeks, smiling, and eager to share a song, a musical anthem she has been listening to... We got the power to be loving each other. No matter what happens, we've got the power to do that. And I was overcome with emotions I had no words for, and it happens that someone else had those feelings, too, and he did find the words for them... Thank you, Van Jones. I feel able to look my own daughter in the eye, see her innate intelligence and wonder, and tell her, We got the power to vote out hate, to register voters, to make PPE, to practice science, to be ourselves, and respect others, and to elect a new President and Vice President of the United States who have integrity, who believe in possibilities. Once again, and as always, character counts.
Fellow Americans, our President and Vice President elect, are For All Americans. We the people.

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