Thursday, November 05, 2020


It's Thursday, now, but we've been waiting since 4 years ago. And some people have been waiting 300 years... for justice, to be counted as fully human, fully respected. Four years ago we squared our shoulders, and determined to put solar on our roof, and expand our community outreach through mentoring in STEM, and creating hands-on activities, as well as assertively supporting the campaigns of progressive candidates, especially in Georgia and Wisconsin. Honestly, it has been a brutal four years, personally, nationally, globally. It would seem that life had one more sucker punch in store for us: Evidentally, wild and absurd conspiracies, lies, a pandemic, an impeachment, racism, crimes, more lies, hateful behavior, insighting violence and lawless behavior, rape, child endagerment and seperation from their parents, assault, bumbling, babbling, cruelty, all of these are acceptable actions and behaviors, so long as white women feel safe, so long as he claims to care about unborn babies, or the Bible. None of the hypocrisy, none of the chicanery, double-dealing, or absolutely transparent truth of his irrelgious life dissuades, and this should come as no surprise, by now, but it is terribly disappointing to know that so many millions find hate and corruption acceptable, that for personal gain and satisfaction, millions of people chose to don the red hat, and ask for four more years. However the election turns out, it's clear that we are a nation divided, and it is not over taste in Christmas decor, or how to balance a budget. This is willful hate and blind allegience, against human beings asking for justice, equality, and opportunity to enjoy freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Coretta Scott King said, "Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation." Very well. We are here, and we will stand firmly, Brown, and Black, Indigenous, LGBTQA, disabled, poor, with pre-existing conditions, creative, hard working, neighbors, children, immigrants, and this is our land, these are our bodies, our futures, and we are staying.

"And while you hold on to your hate and co-sign on our suffering and oppression, we are living our best lives! We are the doctors and healers taking care of your loved ones. We are the scientists fighting in the front lines to make sure you and yours get access to a vaccine. We are your children’s teachers, teaching them about this country’s history, teaching them about love, compassion and acceptance. We are the cops, protecting your neighborhoods, the person in front of you and behind you at the grocery store. We are the lawyers fighting for justice, the engineers building the infrastructure of this country. We are the architects who built your home, the farmer who puts food on your table. We are your LGBTQA neighbor down the street. We are sitting next to you at church and praying to the same God," Mahshid Hager, An Open Letter to the Racist Half of America.

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