Friday, April 02, 2021

Ribbons & Flowers

It's taking all of my will (which evidently is insufficient) to not open this post with: Wow! It's already Friday and April! Some days it feels like it could still be March... March 2020. But things are not all together unchanged. I see Maria's hair is longer, again, since I cut it last May. Long enough to play with, trying the tutorial where she uses ribbon to make two braids wrap together. No hair ties or rubber bands! She did the first try all on her own, with a narrow ribbon, then I tried with this wider, grosgrain ribbon. If her hair grows this much in less than a year, I think this pretty style will be even more successful by mid-summer. By the way, today is her last day of school before she has a week of spring break. Not much is planned, I am sorry to say, but William is going to help her paint her room. And they might trade beds. There has been a lot of shuffling and rearranging, lately. I remarked about the house looking like five families are moving out, and five other families are moving in, all at once... and why? Because I am "cleaning!" Incidentally, I am not going to bother with paragraphs. This post is coming in fast and random, chaotic... like my thoughts! Now, let's talk about rununculus, before I head outside to meet Paul and Janece for a driveway visit: The rununculus I brought home are making me very happy, and Feynman cat is fascinated by them, too. There are flower fields in our part of the county where they grow, and I think I'd begun to take them for granted, hadn't bought any in many years. Well! What I was missing! They are an excellent warm up for peony season, I think. All of those sumptuous petals, the vibrancy of the colors, the daily evolvement as they open. Hold up! I think we have company!


Janece said...

(I've made it to April!) :D

Three cheers for ranunculus... and driveway visits!!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you! Your efforts were not in vain! It was even better that I found them this morning, rather than as you were posting them, because the happy find was perfectly timed to redirect my emotions. And they're such thoughtful, lengthy comments, full of your generosity and thoughtful reflections. I felt like I was taking in a nurturing, affirming breakfast in bed... all to get me started on the right foot.

Janece said...

Synergy like this makes me so happy! I love when timing conspires to bring what we need at the right moment.

I kinda love everything about this particular confluence of events. Sitting on the deck catching up and enjoying my extended time in the ChickenBlog world.... being seen by you & Geoff as you rode by and beeped at me... and then my comments hitting -- like you said -- so that they were a happy, perfectly timed find.