Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thinking of Home

June 11, and the last day of school. Which means, Maria is a senior! This is something too big, too emotional to delve into just yet. Right now, we are in the middle of a summer adventure, traveling up and down the coast to see my Mom and Dad, to visit the City of Roses, and walk among the redwoods. William, Maria, and I are on an adventure, which I hope is going well... actually, I imagine it is going very well. We have so much beauty and wonder in store for us. I wrote a few posts before leaving, just to keep the blog "interesting," while we are traveling, and this post will happily remind me of home, and a bit of what I am looking forward to when we get back home... family, friends, pets, next plans.
After all our time at home, travel seemed like a good dream, an excellent goal, and I am glad I will be seeing my Mom, again, at last. And those redwoods. But writing this post now, on the eve of our departure, I am already feeling like staying home is good. I am feeling anxious about leaving behind a bottle baby goat, and the trees still full of apples, and my sweetheart, and Max, and Alex, and Bambi, and friends. Funny thing to get wanderlust, and to know that it will be nicely sated, and then I will be even more eager to get back home. I love to plan trips, and I love to take trips, and I really love to come home from trips. I'll take lots of pictures... that's a goal that comes to mind as I am looking at my dear friend, Janece. I never regret taking pictures, especially of people I love.
If you knew the detailed notes I've made, and the countless ways I have planned planned planned for everything, here, there, enroute... you would think I was making a world trip by airship, or paddling to Hawaii, something wildly elaborate, or remote. I have everything I could need, and more, and I have Geoff, who will call and text, and feed Grace Hopper, and reassure me, again and again. And then I will come home with new stories, and new energy, ready for the next plans.


Janece said...

What a pleasant surprise to find me in this post -- and a part of such good company! :)

The synergy of your love of home and adventure in the world -- its a great combination. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing all the stories!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I love this photograph of you! And I was happy seeing your face pop up during our travels. The most frequent subject of conversation was about coming back, to the redwoods, and Portland, with the rest of the family and our friends. We planned and discussed ideas and hopes down to the smallest details.
Now I am home, and finding it difficult to get into a groove, and not wish we were just all in the woods together. This is one of the harder post-travel re-entries I can recall.