Saturday, August 28, 2021

Alive, Connected, and Joyful

"Noticing, collecting, cherishing the happy moments where you feel alive and connected and joyful helps," Little Dorrit does reminded me, and I share her belief, including that it's helpful, as well, to acknowledge the struggles, to be kind with ourselves. It really is always a balancing act, isn't it? I won't pretend that happy thoughts and glitter are going to make everything all better, but I feel fortunate to have figured out that sometimes small pleasures, and gratitude can carry us through hard times, through doubts and fears. As well, it is ok to be sad. It is ok to not understand, to feel disappointed. I am safe, I can assure myself, and even if I have changed, or this is a hard time, I am alive, and I can make connections, and notice the joyful moments... those are real gifts.
Holly and Rich hosted a backyard cookout so we could finally celebrate Ruth's birthday. There's plenty of room to spread out, and be mindful of masks. (Like last year, and we still do this. We are still concerned.) It was a happy celebration and get together. The weather cooperated... I can't believe we've had this much rain in August! Anakin cat was the center of attention, after Tutu, of course. Maria is back in school, and cousin Izzie is about to jump back in, too. These young women are enduring strange times, and we feel tremendous care for them. Family time, laughter, reminiscing, and engaging... we can all use more of this healing, uplifting connection.
When was the last time I said "It's never boring"? I think I said that, sincerely, many times last year. And I would try to think of novel things to say about what's going on, and that wasn't easy. We stick to some pretty basic routines, but it's never boring! A really nasty cold worked its way through all, but me and Geoff. The young folks, except William, still play Dungeons and Dragons every week. That has been going on for a long while, and I am glad it was in place and appreciated before anyone knew of lockdowns and pandemics. The outlet and connections they enjoy through this game is priceless. Max joined the campaign, too. And that is probabaly even more fun for him, as he gets a change of scenery after his interning work. William is running, and helping us develop plans... have I mentioned? We have long planned to expand the workshop, and hopefully add a bedroom. We are in the beginning stages of this, and William's groundwork in expertly modeling the exisiting house, and being able to render ideas and concepts, has been brilliant. It's never boring... in fact, it's almost always pleasant, and interesting. I don't mind being home. I love it here, with these young folks, and my love.
We are still enjoying the many teas Bambi bought that were from a series of Dungeons and Dragons themed varieties. And we rank them. Bambi brews new flavors, one daily, and we discuss what we like, or don't, about the look, the smell, the taste. We decide if one is better sweetened, or if it pairs well with... a blueberry muffin, banana bread? Sometimes a tea is chosen by the roll of a die. And all of the teas and our ratings and impressions get recorded into the Moon book.
It might be time to start a seperate blog, or IG hashtag... #MariaFashions. She has such a fun sense of style. Classes are going well, I am happy to say. It's still only August, and she is still only 16, but I fluster a bit thinking of how quickly things are moving, and it brings to mind, over and over, again, how much I love her, what a joy she is, for all of us. It's no secret, I am not disappointed that she hopes to go to a nearby school, after graduating.
What can be a more darling example of life, connection and joy than our pets, especially these kitties... they patter in on soft paws and fill up spaces, our chairs, our laps, and feet. I love that we have cats.


Little Dorrit does... said...

I was worried about leaving a comment when words/meanings can so easily be misconstrued - but you wrote with such honesty and eloquence that I just wanted to reach out and respond. I'm glad that my remarks were received/taken as I'd hoped/intended they would be! As you say, happy thoughts and glitter can't make everything better, but they do have a role to play in that balancing act we all perform. Myself, I find I fluctuate between Pollyanna and Eeyore (the original characters, not the Disney versions) - guess that makes me a hopeless idealist...or an optimistic pessimist...and probably a nightmare to live with?!

#MariaFashions should definitely be a thing. With a whole section devoted to "What to Wear with your Witch's Hat". Her sense of style is impeccable.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I know what you mean... at times when I am particularly concerned about getting the message and tone right, I hesitate to say anything at all. I have left comments on posts just to say, "I am here. I am listening." Thank you, Dorrit, for reaching out to me, for letting me know *you are here, listening.* You and I could be kindred spirits! The suggestion of being part Pollyanna, part Eeyore is completely relatable. I often feel like an aggressively friendly person that is prone to bouts of silence, doubt. Either a hopeless idealist, or maybe a hopeful defeatist? We cannot be nightmares!
#MariaFashions! I will try to keep up with her style offerings. This week she wore a crinoline and a top hat!

Janece said...

That first photo - *swoon* -- and should most probably be a painting. I'm working on learning how to sketch... maybe I will pull it for an art reference and practice (so, so much to learn when it comes to drawing!).

And, a very belated but nonetheless very happy birthday wishes to Ruth! It looks like you had a wonderful time together!

I'm happy to hear a wee bit of what William is up to. I miss seeing him and seeing him share his projects, etc. He's the best!

Ah... Maria's fashions are fabulous! I loved today's stripes combo on IG. So playful and stylish! :D

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Can there ever be enough oak leaves and acorns? Answer: Not likely!
Paint them! Sketch them! Maybe, I will try, too. I let the cats investigate those plump acorns, and they *swooned* even harder over them than you or I! Now they are probably lost under furniture, because they played obsessively with them for days.
Leslie put the idea in my head that we could do a *safe* picnic, like our old tradition, at the park. And I think of this, because hopefully we could enjoy some long over-due catching up. Perhaps mark some birthdays, talk about projects and plans, enjoy our Fall Fashions (fall leaves, and scarf emoji)
Wow... the last picnic was February 2020, and we discussed this idea that there could be a lockdown, and speculated, "Could it really go on for two whole weeks??" (full cry emoji)