Friday, November 12, 2021

A Chat

Yellow roses, from Trader Joes. I can see they are a teeny bit passed prime, but they still look lovely to me, and they are holding up well, considering I brought them home on the 5th. Maybe I should hang them, for a dried arrangement. I think they might just dry up all in one day, because it's about to hit 85 degrees here! Yes, summer returned, for two days, and tomorrow autumn is back in the forecast.

I was absolutely resolute: I will make this for Maria and I will keep it a secret, until her birthday. But I was so delighted with how it turned out, I blew my surprise and gave it to her yesterday. Early gift shopping never works for me, either. It almost always goes like this... I can't resist giving the gift too soon, or I tuck it away, for safe keeping, but can't find it until 6 months after the panicked search. Don't ask me what this tiny wool thing is, because I made it the teeniest bit too small to hold an id card, or gift card. It has a pocket inside, and the yellow bead has loop fastener to keep it closed. It's a hen's tooth. Maria exclaimed gleefully over the flowered hat, and cup of tea, the stack of books. I am thinking of another gift to put together for her... Gah! I almost shared my idea, but she might read this and I'd blow another surprise! Ok. I am totally absolutely very resolute this time.

I feel like having tea and a chat, so if there's anything you'd like to share, I am flitting around, and happy for some company.

(Not "85." It's just after midday and 89 degrees Fahrenheit [31.66 C]. In November. I'm glad we have made changes here that keep the house cooler... covered porch, windows that bring in cross breezes, room darkening drapes that keep the sun outside. Without any air conditioning, or even fans running, it's still comfortable. Thank goodness.)

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Janece said...

Your creation for Maria is perfection, Natalie! Perfection!!