Wednesday, November 03, 2021

There is Good In Store

I let yesterday be gentle. For one thing, I've cleaned so much, I am afraid to touch anything, start any new projects. Whenever I've made big progress on restoring our home to appreciable levels of order, I have an impulse to seal off rooms, check into a hotel, and put the house on the market. I haven't had to move in a long time, but it's still the instinct, action, I am most familiar with! Probably the two "busiest" things I committed to included regularly stepping into the bathroom to enjoy the progress Mike is making on installing the green tile around the tub, and the other was taking a nap. After the nap, I wanted to be outside, walking or pedaling, feeling the cold day on my face, imagining we live on the edge of the woods, near a meadow. So, I decided to forage... to ride my bicycle to that special corner where it almost is like living near the woods, at the edge of meadow, where I can find pinecones. There are two pinecone spots that I can ride to, and the prospect of collecting pinecones really cheers me up. It's become a tradition, I realize, and I really love having traditions.

Recently, a favorite blogger posted a small bit about blogging falling away, adding "If you have a blog, please comment here so I can check it out!" I jumped on that, and fortunately, so did some other active bloggers. I wonder if Alicia has caught on that she's made so many of us happy to find each other?

Here we are, with already one month behind us of my three favorite months. I am determined to see the good in store, to be both present and forward thinking... whatever it takes so that I feel like I am making the most of these days, filling up on soothing scents, invigorarting jaunts outdoors, gathering memories, making fun out of simple activities, making plans for more. I don't love Christmas Day, well I do, but what I love love are all of the days in anticipation, the outings, the enterprise, projects, quiet reflection, the traditions, and gatherings. I love the music, the sparkle, the days when it rains, or the wind blows. I love preparing menus and everyone buzzing around the kitchen to make favorite dishes, especially when we can have company, and feast together.

People love to debate about when these things should begin, or when they should not. I really don't care to see Christmas merchandise in July, and I will never rush past Thanksgiving, otherwise, I vote for taking joy where you will, where you can. Play those Carols, roll out the garlands, put up some lights! If red and green are your jolly, then haul it out! Isn't there little enough jubilation and exuberance as it is? I see no reason to quash anyone's happy. We didn't put much out for Halloween, this year, and William has already packed most of it up. I am ordering our tree today, because the school does such a nice fundraiser for that. It will be delivered the first Friday in December. I changed out playlists on my phone, and put in some new ones, with just a few wintry tunes. I bought pine scented soaps, and they're on the cupboard in our bathroom. They make me feel like we have a little spa or B & B upstairs. I was thinking of these small steps for a while now, maybe since last January, honestly. And then I saw a lovely post from another blogger, and she mentioned her Tiny Secret Festive Season, the small things she does that make her happy, and I think the idea is brilliant... slowly add in small, simple things that cheer you. Things that gently usher in the new season. I am happy with just the prospect of creating my own Tiny Secret Festive Season... thank you, Nicole.
This morning a favorite Instagram account, Harlem Love Birds, posted in her stories about stepping outside for a minute. Quiana got her inspiration from MJ Kocovski, at There's Good In Store. Virtually, I joined Quiana, and for one minute I walked outside, stood in silence, looked up at the sky, contemplating how amazing life is. It was so good, I took another minute, before feeding chickens and goats. Oh, and Tasha is sleeping... boy, did she give me a scare, because she was so sound! I don't know why it is, but even simple things slip from my memory, and when someone suggests a thing, even as obvious as "look at the sky" I feel like I am reset, recentered. Oh, yes, I reflect, those things really help, and I should do that, go there. It's good. I need the reminders... nature is healing, the sky fills me with wonders, I can take slow, deep breaths, the birds are singing, there is good in store. Thank you, friends, near and far, for inspiring me, for connecting, and sharing.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

We all need constant reminders about many good things, so thank you for this post of yours! I love it.

Nicole said...

Oh, thank you so much! I am so glad my Tiny Secret Festive Season resonated with you! It's just a nice slow way to add little happy things in, during one of my favourite times of year.

I love that you collect pine cones! And I think your vignettes in your home are so beautiful. I also really like the anticipation and general feeling leading up to Christmas.

I often just stare up at the sky thinking life is amazing, thanks for this beautiful post.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Sara, on Instagram, Quiana commented "I love the domino effect of this inspiration." I completely agree with her, and I love seeing that one gentle reminder is resonating so nicely with more and more of us. My Grandmother, already in her 80s, shared an insight with me that turned my beliefs on end. I wish I had perfect recall, but the idea was simply that she was, even at her age, still learning, still reaching for that sense of having things figured out. I was in my 30s at the time, and struggling because I didn't feel like I had "arrived." I was believing that as an adult I should have all of the basic lessons wired, be organized, mindful, capable, managing all the Adult things... otherwise, I was "failing." Funnily, even this lesson slips my mind and I learn it over and over again... as my Mom says, "We are works of art in progress." Well, the good ideas, the thoughts and actions that help me stay on a healthy, balanced course are so appreciated, again and again and again!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Nicole, it totally resonates!
Tiny Secret Festive Season is a total keeper! Even mulling it over, and distilling the ideas and plans I want to accomplish, is making me feel contented and happy.
Thank you for your kind words. Home is feeling refreshed, which is a gift.

Karla said...

I have let cozy traditions lapse since my girls became adults and moved out into their own homes. Maybe it's time to start some up just for me!

I found your blog through Posie Gets Cozy - very excited to add some lovely new blogs to my list.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Good Morning, Karla!
I am so thankful to Alicia Paulson for that post, where I found a whole bunch of new-to-me blogs! I am glad you have popped over.
Even though my (almost all) grown children are home, I have felt myself letting go of some traditions, some of my holiday efforts, and I recognize that it's both ok, and not ok. I am fine with not "over doing things," but I also realize that I feel let down, disappointed when I haven't made at least a little extra effort. I love Nicole's ideas... those small gestures that feel good, and make a nice difference.
I would love to hear about some of the special ways you plan to make things cozy, just for you!

Janece said...