Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hmmm Okay Interesting

uh... this business of posting from the phone is harder than it looks. Like, much much harder Either i will skip doing this or I will muster a high tolerance for errors, disorganized pictures and some jankiness. Seriously... dont judge too harshly because formatting and the user interface, wow, so frustrating.

In an order that can only be described as "Not how I want them..." I present: Pictures from our trip, First Day! Maria and I are in Europe It's amazing. We have begun in France, we stayed near the airport the first two days based on Geoff's brilliant insistence that we begin slow and easy, to shake off jet lag before facing Paris. It was a masterful plan! More on that, later.

Paris is amazing: Big, loud, bustling, disorienting, beautiful, enchanting. I have a lot more impressions and details I look forward to sharing, and we've been here barely two days. And as compelling and wondrous as this city is, our first delight was meeting Gala, the grey lady of our Gare Lyon area apartment, with Amelie vibes. Say, "Salut, Gala, ça va ?"
She has the loudest purrbox motor and welcomed us heartily, affectionately. Ah, Paris, merci beacoup for such a comforting, sweet introction I think we are going to enjoy a wonderful time.


Nicole MacPherson said...

How wonderful to take such a trip! Enjoy!

Laura Bray said...

What a perfectly French place you are staying in! Enjoy France! Can't wait to hear more about your travels.

Janece said...

I sure miss you here. If blogging isn't giving you a spark or filling you with joy - that's fine, and I understand. And, I just want to ensure that you know my tea times at ChickenBlog are missed. ❤️