Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Only Tuesday

When I leave comments on other people's posts I try to catch errors before I hit publish. But, of course, I don't always catch my little typos or poor word order. When I would leave a comment with bas bad spelling my body would be swept over with a wave of shame and embarrassment. I would fidget and feel panicky, and imagine that the host would realize I am terribly flawed and incapable of communicating effectively, properly. Now I don't care. It's so much better this way.

When I stop and consider that this year is slipping into autumn and that we are half-way through September, it stuns me. How swiftly time passes. It is inconceivable that we are approaching The Big Three (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.) This morning it was cold. Cold. Maybe 62 degrees. Brrrrr, right? So, if I am so incredulous and alarmed by how quickly seasons come and go, then why do I grumble that it's only Tuesday? Why am I so anxious for it to be late Thursday, even Friday? What's my hurry? Where's the fire?

It was brought to my attention that we are "living Chickenblog," like it is some pervasive, all consuming entity. It kind of shut me up for a while, as I tried to gather their meaning or intent. I grin; this post probably only confirms their beliefs... which is what exactly? I'm still not sure.

Don't miss the fun! Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Oooh arggh mateys! The children and I were warming-up last night and making all possible pirate references we could think of. Then we decided to honor Robert Louis Stevenson by thinking up our very own piratey names. Us scurvy dogs were laughing and swabbing the poop deck all night! Max now goes by Marlin Bite and I might be callin' meself Scratch... say it aloud in a piraty voice. Cool, huh? What be yer pirate name?


  1. I heartily agree about the incredible pace of this year. As soon as the week begins, before I know it, it's Wednesday and then Friday and... the weekend again. Problem is, there's so much going on right now, I keep thinking there will be time on the weekend to do the things I couldn't get to during the week. And when the weekend is over, I think the weekend list will get caught up during the week. Vicious cycle. I'm waaaaaay behind in everything. Calgon, take me awaaaaay!

  2. Arghh, matey! Send yer prayers and love to those in Julian who lost their sacred meeting places to fire. Camp Stevens is a wonderful place even if yer not a Christian, and now they have to rebuild. Best organic garden and kitchen using organic ingredients in the area. Arggh.

  3. Shiver me timbers...I'll be sending some swabbies to walk the plank if they don't address me as Captain tomorrow!

  4. The older I get, the faster the days pass me by. Someone said I'm just getting slower. That can't be true!

  5. My First Husband was a scurvy Pirate! I would rather be Ezmeralda the Mermaid....arrrgh!

  6. Yes, it's true, time flies...
    But I love this season, after the first hectic weeks of school.
    Here in Belgium we don't celebrate Halloween, nor Thanksgiving. You begin to see pumpkins and spiders and witches etc... in the shops, but it's only for commerce, and not based on a tradition.
    We have St. Nicholas, he brings sweets and toys for the children during the night (on the 6th of December). I think your Santa Claus is connected to him in a way.


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