Saturday, September 15, 2007

Am I Quirky?

I have been tagged for a Quirky Meme by Calamity Kim. So, I am supposed to share 6 of my quirks. I had to go to the dictionary: "A peculiar trait." Also: "Idiosyncrasy" and "Eccentricity." Then I had to think. Hmmmmm

Lately I feel less and less eccentric or unique. The more people I meet and listen to, the more blogs I read, the less I see myself as a special individual. Which is not the same as saying I am not special... I just mean there are a lot of eccentrics with peculiar traits, so many in fact that it makes me feel rather common, typical, unquirky. All my life I have had ideas and dreams, little hidden desires that I hoped to act upon one day and everyday I come across more and more people fully embracing the things I've been hoping to do, and living out loud the secret wishes I've been making.

Are memes really supposed to make you ponder and think deeply? I don't think so. I also don't think I have any good quirks.

Now if I could get a pair of kittens to ride along with me in a sling, that might be a bit quirky. I could wear a big hat, mine would be a cowboy hat, and I would casually as you please walk around town with kittens at my waist. Or a hen. I could be a chicken lady. In a stroller, or sitting by me while I drive around running errands.

This isn't quirky, I don't think. When I see dreadlocks, my scalp itches... no, not my scalp... more like my brain. My thoughts itch and I feel it in my scalp and I get a compulsion to shave my head and run my hand all over my head. Just saying.

Is this quirky? I like other people's dogs better than my own. Well, ya, we don't have a dog. Sometimes I really believe I want a dog, but I know if I had one I would be very distressed. Dogs need a lot and I never feel like I am giving them enough, so that their little dog faces stare up at me and I live with a horrible sense of guilt mixed with regret, in spite of the fact that I love them. I love other people's dogs and I like to pet them and feed them and I love to hear them drink water. I love Molly and Toby, Sam, Jasper and Pippin, and all the dogs riding in cars hanging out the window and soaking up the sun in the breeze. Other people's dogs are the best.

Through art, Alex expresses his desire to break for lunch.

A lot of people have said I am crazy quirky to home*school. I cannot over state how much I love my children and love having them with me. I miss them when they are at school. I want to learn with them and share the day and new experiences. I want to see what they see and laugh out loud with them. I wish home school was the perfect, ideal place for all learning, but I appreciate that they need to see more and do more and find their own paths. I will never regret our school days together.

How about liking funny faces, grouchy faces, even blurred photographs, is that quirky? Not so much. I like Maria's pout. I even liked it when the babies cried sometimes. If I knew they were safe, clean, fed and they were just having a cry moment, I liked it. They get so expressive and they are so powerful and I just love hearing the effort. Then I love to scoop them up and embrace them. Sigh.

Dreams don't make us quirky, do they? Recurring dreams about places, like Mexico, where I used to go as a girl. No, that is not quirky. Never mind.

Let's see... peculiar...

I like the taste of bell peppers, but I will not eat bell peppers. I flavor dishes with bell pepper, but pull the little suckers out after cooking.
I always sleep better when my feet are clean.
That's it. I've shared enough. As much as I write and post on Chickenblog you might not guess that I am a quiet person, more shy than outgoing. What I would really enjoy is hearing from lurkers, family, friends. Do you know what a lurker is? If you read Chickenblog and never say "hey" or make yourself known, or make comments, then you are lurking. That's cool, but just this once why not say hello and tell us something about yourself. Do you have a peculiar trait? What are your quirks, or just one quirk. Please. Life is so much better shared.


  1. You want to hear from the non-lurkers, right? Not sure how to narrow down my quirkiness. Let's see. I guess you could say I am full of contradictions. I love routine and despise it at the same time. I am paralyzed with anxiety at the thought of having to go to an unfamiliar gas station, but I think I will go stark raving mad if I have to get on the god-forsaken freeway again. I hate the idea of getting on a plane to anywhere, but am green with envy when I hear of others' magical vacations. I love mint chutney, but hate thin mint cookies. TMI?

  2. Mint. Mint chutney. Mint chutney? Yes, that is peculiar. It is just the right amount of information. I feel our relationship has reached a new level; it is strengthened. This is good. Thank you.

  3. Triple dog dare you to go with me to Taste of India on Mon. or Weds. to taste it for yourself!

  4. Your QUIRKY LIST is fun, Natalie! I feel like you do though, the longer I live the less "quirky" I regard myself...I'm just not that interesting, I guess--LOL! You know I'm not a lurker ;o) But I just wanted to say hi...And I love Maria's pout too...She is the cutest thing--could eat her up with a spoon! (Is that a quirk? LOL!) Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  5. Oh my gosh that face - Maria is just adorable!!! Makes you want to hold those chubby cheeks between your hands! LOL

  6. Oh, You made me laugh Right Out Loud! I woke Sadie up out of her rabbit dreams at my feet!!!! Hahhahaahahahah! When I wrote my Quirkie 6 I was kind of lost after 3 then I asked Fred and he said that he really didn't know if any quirks- he was so used to my weirdness! I would love to see you with a chicken in a scarf walking along or maybe pull up next to you in my car and look over and see a hen on the seat beside you! NOW THAT"S FUNNY!!!!!!! I love other peoples dogs too- sometimes before I found Sadie, I would "borrow" dogs at the park and beg their owners to let me p-lay frisbee with them! I love Maria's poutie face too- I am making her a chicken head blankie- I can't wait to see pictures of her holding it! Any chance you can ever move here- Sarasota sure is a nice town...wish we were closer! We could swap quirkie stories all day! Thanks for making it funny- dreadlocks make my mind itch too! harharhardeeharhar!!!

  7. I am SO with you on the dreadlocks thing! So! I want to shave my own head just so I don't have to think about it, then I want them to go have THEIR heads shaved so they can start over again all clean and shiny. Yeah, I even wash my hair every morning when we're camping....

  8. Natalie you are a wonderful writer...have you even written professionally? You have an amazing talent! I must say Maria is a sweetie...and that face, oh my goodness now thats cute!!



  9. Natalie... The question is have you ever written professionally... Now there I go being quirky!

    Beverly :o)

  10. Natalie, you know I'm not a lurker but I am sometimes quirky (or is it just plain wierd??) I used to borrow the neighbor's dog, Fred all the time. He passed away from bone cancer and I think I cried more than his family!
    I love the smell of tea but don't like to drink it. I smell everything, to the point that my own family makes fun of me. I mean EVERYTHING!! I drink Diet Coke every morning. Are these things even "quirky" or just normal, who knows.

  11. I am lurking today -- I love the way the gorgeous creative blogs that women are creating for sewing, cooking, and just being NICE. How refreshing!


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