Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Wanna Come With?

We're going to Sophie's house, Laura and Gary's too. They live about two blocks from Grandma's and if we run we can be there ahead of the end of this sentence.

See? Quick, huh?
oh, look at those zooks! Grandma's going to make more zucchini bread if they send that big one over. Laura's been saying the garden is a bit ragged from all the heavy rain. It looks beautiful. The season is coming to its end and gardens do fade, but I can plainly see that this is an exceptional and well tended garden.

They planted quantities of zinnias that I have only dreamed of. I have a favorite flower for every month and bold, brilliant zinnias are my end of summer favorites. I saw raspberry canes,

...and Swiss chard. There was broccoli, too. Sophie came out to the garden and she described the wall of sunflowers that were standing at the end of the driveway. Some were 8' tall, and they were a bird favorite.

We were there one evening for Sophie's 17th birthday. Laura baked a rich and moist chocolate cake from an old family recipe and Sophie invited the younger cousins to help her blow out all of those candles!

We all helped devour the cake.

Well, Claudia didn't have cake. Sweet Claudia. Such a fluff.

I can take a 1,000 photographs and find one that stands out above the rest; this picture makes me very happy. Carol and her grandson, Griffin. I love the light and love they radiate.

Alex radiates light too. Handsome boy. We are happy mosquitos don't show up in photographs, otherwise we would not enjoy our Wisconsin memories as well. Dang mosquitos.

I just love how the littlest children know that they can see their image in the cameras, and they always want to see! Maria says, "And me? And me?" That makes me laugh out loud.

Happy Birthday Sophia! We love you.


Mary said...

I think that kids are more willing to ham it up in these days of digital photography because they know they can see themselves right away! So cute.

I loved visiting Sophie's house - what a breathtaking garden. I was hoping to snag a slice of cake! Oh well, I'll go sit with Claudia. ;)

nikkipolani said...

Yes yes yes! I want to come! What a wonderful garden to hang out in and enjoy good company. I've tried zinnias from seed and they WILL NOT GROW FOR ME. Will have to try again next year :-(

Some friends from church went to South Africa this summer to visit an orphanage we support. The kids LOVE digital cameras and love to get their pictures taken. Kids are the same the world over!

Amy said...

Sorry bout the mosquitoes - they try to ruin everything.

kimberly sherrod said...

Beautiful garden! I love the flowers and that gray shed- wow! I can't wait to see more!!! Happy Birthday Maria!!!!

tea time and roses said...

Natalie, how beautiful the garden is! I could just imagine myself there... with a good book, tea and this lovely garden...I love it. What a beautiful smile Sophia has, and the cake look delicious...



DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Happy Birthday Sohpie!!!

That garden is fantastic. I love zinnias. They really know how to show off their colors. Not a lot of maintenance either. No cake for Claudia :(. She probably would not have eat it any way. Only a few sniffs. Well, that is how my cats would have been.

Tarie said...

Yay, birthday party with family and chocolate cake! :D