Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheering For The Home Team

Our first football game ever, and we were cheering for the hometown team... the ones in blue. Well, we were actually there for the band.

Geoff's cousin Sophie plays saxophone in her school band. Too cool. For the first game of the season the band members hit the half-time field outfitted in uniforms of their design. Sophie bore her #13 jersey, and this brilliant smile, that I just love to see.

We sat in the bleachers with other home town fans, or so we thought. There were a lot of people cheering for the big city team sitting around us. Is that usual? I don't know. The whole scene was new to me. And fun. Everyone was excited, supportive, happy. Maria was happiest of all, because there was so much light, color, music and action going on. I think she likes hoopla and ceremony.

And cheerleaders; Maria gasped when she caught sight of identically dressed girls, dancing, chanting and jumping around. She got up and did a little bleacher dance.

Laura and Gary see a lot of these games and probably came to even more games when they were in high school. I think it's funny that something rather common can be an entirely new and exciting experience for some... for us. I liked seeing all the people gathered in support of their children and sharing a warm, end of summer evening together. It gave me a view of community I am not familiar with.

And when the band marched onto the field, we were the ones cheering! Yay Sophie!
She's a senior this year.
A senior!
(Excuse me for a moment while I recover from my reality session: I know she's growing up, but does this mean I have aged too? These concepts can be so jarring.)
Sophie is one of those children that makes you feel good about the future. She may be shy and reserved, and she may not like this little spotlight I am shining, but I cannot help myself: Sophie is a joy, a bright, kind, funny, talented and sweet young woman.

So, we cheered for the band, and tried to remain hopeful about the score at half time.

Maria got to high-five the mascot, which was a moment of exhilaration for her.

And the kiss the bluejay blew? Maria was elated!
Max walked home with Laura and Gary and they roasted marshmallows, then Laura and Gary walked Max over to Grandma's. I have to mention these little things because they are unique experiences for us. Small town. Family all around. Simple pleasures. Memories to treasure. I feel so happy thinking of it.


Anna Banana said...

I've been feeling jaded lately. But when I see the world thru your eyes and Maria's, I remember to put aside my jaded ways for a few minutes. Thanks, I needed that!

Jeanne said...

It looks like perfect weather to enjoy a football game or listen to the band. Great pictures.

kimberly sherrod said...

awww, now I think maybe you should move there...even though it's cold in the winter! That was delightful- I can tell by the look on maria's face! I grew up in a very small town too- the HS football games were big fun!

Tarie said...

I've never been to a live football game. I've only been to a live baseball game and a live basketball game. Tee hee.