Monday, May 19, 2008

6 Year Blogiversary... Off to a Flying Start!

Here is the backstory: We are celebrating 6 years of Chickenblog with a giveaway that makes everyone a big winner. How big depends on You! Yes, you make the difference, and by leaving a comment this week, you can influence the forces of blogging joy and generosity, because more new comments = more chicks and more chicks means more families being able to provide for themselves.

So, far we have 13 comments and that has inspired us to give an entire flock of chicks to a family in need. There is time for more, so don't be shy. Stand up and be counted. Leave a comment and make the world a better place. This news makes Lola so happy... just look at her standing tall and proud.

And Miss Lola Ameraucana says, "Muchas gracias pip pip pip."

Lady Betty Orpington would like to thank you too. At least we hope she's a lady. There is only a 90% guarantee she or Lola will be hens. She is 100% cute Buff Orpington.

You can still see her egg beak... the very same egg beak that helped her hatch free of her egg.

Max insists we call her Elizabeth.

Feel free to ask us any practical questions you'd like... about coops, landlords, space... anything!
I have no answers! but feel free to ask.


  1. Miss Ameraucana, that is PERFECT to funny. And what a great idea, chickens for people to have eggs or meat, a way of helping them selves be more self sutainable. I love Buff and Rhode Island Reds, and Bard Rocks. You are always so creative, makeing me smile on a regular basis.

  2. Happy Chickenblogiversary to you.
    Happy Chickenblogiversary to you.
    Happy Chickenblogiversary to you and many more.

  3. Congrats on a marvelous way to celebrate! Your musings remind me that we all need to reach for our dreams while squishing mud through our toes...(a little dirt and a few tears are good for us all)

  4. What a great way to celebrate, Natalie! Congratulations on your 6 years of blogging, I hope I'll be able to leave comments for a long time to come.
    Love your little chickies, they're adorable. xxx D

  5. Natalie

    You KNOW you don't have to have the answers, as long as you Love the Question! (shameless plug for my blog!)

    That way you live and experience the here and now, and the journey to the answers.

    Did the chicas like the lightbox?

  6. Miss Lola is quite possibly the cutest chick I have ever seen! However will you part with her? hmmm...or *are* you going to part with her??

  7. Happy 6th Blogiversary, Natalie!! LOVE YOU HEAPS, you know! :o) I love coming her for your special dose of musings, meanderings, mindfulness, memory and miles of smiles! These chickies are too, cute...You're not parting with them are you? ;o) Happy Days celebrating this great 6 year milestone ((BIG HUGS))


  9. fab photo shoot! did you whisper 'work with me' a lot ;-)

  10. Congrats on 6 amazing years! Wow! You're one dedicated Chick ;-)

    We actually looked at a chicken coop today...bringing it home tomorrow.

  11. Aw... I wants me some chickie-chicks... :)

  12. Oh I'm soooo happy to hear that you've gone out and bought some chicks of your very own. It is true how we sometimes romanticize our past and think that it was all perfect then. Funny enough, many years from now you'll look back upon this time with fondness too! Congratulations on your 6 yr blogiversary!!! May the chicks be numerous!

  13. awwwwww! you've gone and named those fluffy little babies! lola is very ooh la la! and 6 years with your blog... that is very impressive, inspiring and wonderful! happy anniversary!

    your friend, bird tweet robin down the road

  14. They are sweet!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    from the Netherlands


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