Friday, May 23, 2008

6 Years? Must Be Time For a Break

Celebrating the 6 years of blogging puts one in a reflective mood, and hearing from one's landlord puts one in a packing mood.
Net effect: I think it's time for a little break from blogging. Well, only until I cannot resist the urge to post a chicken picture or share a quote from one of my
delightful and brilliant children.

As promised, the highlight of our blogiversary is the Heifer International Chick Giveaway. We heard from many readers, even some new names popped up, and it's been wonderful. Thank you for joining our party. Inspired by your support of Chickenblog, and motivated by our own desire to share something good with the world, we are giving 6 families flocks of chicks.

Here is what Heifer International has to say about chicks:

A flock of chicks can help families from Cameroon to the Caribbean add nourishing, life-sustaining eggs to their inadequate diets.

The protein in just one egg is a nutritious gift for a hungry child. Protein-packed eggs from even a single chicken can make a life-saving difference.

Heifer helps many hungry families with a starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year - plenty to eat, share or sell.

Because chickens require little space and can thrive on readily available food scraps, families can make money from the birds without spending much. And chickens help control insects and fertilize gardens.


nikkipolani said...

What a terrific project, Natalie. I'm glad you'll be sharing your love of chicks well beyond your borders. Don't be gone long, 'kay?

Anna Banana said...

Muchas gracias, Chiquita! Hoping your mood is as elevated as when I saw you last. Surely good things are coming! Did you see the rainbow this evening??

amy smith said...

no, no, no, you can't leave now, we have only just met! things will be good.... trust me, i have experience on this one! great job with the chickens, those families will be richly blessed for years to come.

Tarie said...

Happy, happy blogiversary! Thank you SO much for Chickenblog - my favorite blog!

Tarie said...

Also, re: your landlord, I hope things work out for the very best for your family. *hug*

Janece said...

What a perfect way to celebrate a blogiversary!

I hope this break is a very little one. You are a daily part of my life and I'm going to go through withdrawals without my daily dose of Chicken Blog. :)

I love you, Natalie!!

Mama Spark said...

Say it isn't so! I don't think I can go very long without hearing what you and your family are doing!! Don't make the break too long. Congrats on 6 years of blogging!

Jennifer said...

But are you thinking, though, perhaps -- is it possible to think this? -- that the landlord business is the hand of god, or God, and that this was the first key that needed to be turned in order for your quest to be fulfilled? God, or god, is so busy there at your place, with all the life bursting out at the seams -- an ark, maybe? Oh, you know I'm not the religious sort but I am the sort who seeks ut and listens to what the world is trying to tell me and I want to think this is the big first step in the right direction for your dreams to come true.