Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chickenblog Celebrates 6 Years of Scratching, Clucking, Deep Thoughts and Other Musings

Tomorrow marks the 6 year anniversary of the first week of Chickenblogging. Back then I was daydreaming, imagining our lives on 2 acres... the pond and goats were pure fantasy. The cats and the flourishing children are a dream coming true, something I take great delight in. Gone are the two acres and the tractor and chickens too, but in the last 6 years we've had our share of new adventures, good times, wild rides, big expectations, setbacks and it's all here... well, maybe not all of it, but mercy, there is a lot in this blog!

Either I have been touched by God, and had my spirit renewed, or I am completely daft, but I am not daydreaming any more... not daydreaming alone. I am taking action. I want to own my life, where and when I can. When I first brought home 4 chicks in a paper sack we were no more organized, prepared and brilliant than we are today. We had no coop, or even a yard with a blade of green grass. Heck, we didn't know what to expect as chicken farmers. The Jolly Green Ranchers, I called us. But we rose to the occasion and we learned and grew, and we loved it.

Max and I were looking at old, old pictures, and my son said in a sad voice, "Everything was perfect then, wasn't it?" He sighed and I knew the familiar tone of his longing. But nothing was perfect then. Yes, it was a good time, our Rancho days, having my grandparents with us, making gardens and running around 2 acres. Over time we have idealized those days, and we have been living in anticipation of our real home, the next move without fully owning this time and place... it's gone on for too long.

Max, mi'jo, these are perfect times too, in their own way. We are here and we are healthy and capable. We have so much to appreciate and embrace. Our fears and disappointments are with us, but they cannot lead us, they cannot own us.

So, by daring, by will, by faith and hope, by stupidity if necessary, this woman is taking over, moving forward and celebrating this day and the next! I don't know where we are going to move to or when, the house is a work in progress and on and on, because things are not literally perfect, but I want to finish every day thinking: This day was good. I did my best. I am happy, and we are moving forward. Thank you. Mil gracias. These days are perfect enough to me, to honor and cherish.

Now, about this anniversary. Everyone knows the tradition with anniversaries and blogs: Giveaways! Yes, great, big giveaways are all the rage, and there are so many good ones. You know I racked my brain trying to think up a good one. Something to bring in the crowds and pump up the celebratory mood. Something to express our joy and whimsical natures, something to get everyone excited about Chickenblog and the world, and being winners!

While I would love to make something wonderful for a winner, like a quilt or a huge tray of chile rellenos... well, sorry, but that's just not possible. And if I thought it would make the world a better place I would offer an egg beater or a fruit of the month club membership, but those are a bit out of my price range and not exactly reflective of my mood, my intent. I want to give away a gift that means something bright, hopeful and inspiring... a gift that keeps giving.

This is it: Chickenblog is celebrating 6 years of blogging, family, friendships, dreams come true, big plans, love and sharing, with the gift of chicks! No, not our chicas!

Chicks from Heifer International! It's up to you: To be a winner leave a comment this week, and when we tally up all of the new comments of the week on May 24th we will make a donation to Heifer International. Inspired by the number of new comments and hearing from Chickenblog readers we will figure out how many chicks to send to a family in need. This will be a giveaway to "help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant."

These 2 are staying with us, wherever we go.


gloria said...





amy smith said...

i love that organization! yeah! i read something by gary thomas this morning that said something like this: since what we deserve is, in fact, hell, then any day we have that is better then that, is, well, a good one! beautiful chicks, and congrats on 6 years!

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, I LOVE that you aren't going to dream your todays away. Congratulations on 6 years of sharing with us. Those chicks are seriously adorable.

village mama said...

felicitaciones!X6 !!!!!! Love that you are donating to a charity. Love it a lot. You rock chica!

Anna Banana said...

Dude! Congratulamini! Just saw your post. You look and sound so happy!

Laura Jane said...

Sounds like a plan Natalie!

Congratulations on 6 years of sharing your chickeny-goodness with the world.

I LOVE the thought of someone-somewhere enjoying some chickens courtesy of Garage Mahal - the ONLY place to be today, and tomorrow can take care of itself!

Happy sigh. Onwards!

YayaOrchid said...

Congratulations on 6 years! That is a wonderful accomplishment, Natalie. Hey, if posting on your blog will give someone somewhere a shot at a better life, I'm all for it! Posting for charity. I like that! Thanks for the links, I know we could all learn how to be more responsible about helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Lesley said...

Six years? Wow: that is definitely something to celebrate — and what a wonderful way to do so. Congratulations, my friend! And I hope you enjoy your baby chooks ... do they have names yet?

Joan said...

Congrats on six years of blogging and the new chicks. I love the thoughts you expressed today. You shouldn't postpone happiness--you miss out on so much that way.

Janece said...

The chicks are as sweet as can be! :)

Congratulations on 6 years, lovely! Your blog is a treasure.

Carole said...

Six years! Congratulations! I just started my chicken/bird blog last year with no intention except to write about a subject I love--backyard chickens and backyard birding. Since then it has become an obsession.

I have no idea if I will last 6 years but I congratulate you on your courage to take on your life and view it as an adventure wherever it may lead.

Em said...

What a wonderful give-away! It's a great organization you chose, and I can't wait to see what happens in the end! So cool! Congrats on your chicas, and 6 years too - I hope I'm still around for another 6!

Oiyi said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! I am glad that you are keeping those two. So sweet.