Thursday, September 01, 2011

Basket of Chicks

In a basket, the three chicas. Sitting in hatch order, one, two, and three!

They are still the smallest chicks I have ever seen, but they are getting sturdier, already. The one in the center came out wounded... or underbaked? Her head was soft, and bled a bit, but she seems to be healing and not too badly affected. Her baldy spot has put me in mind of calling her Tuck, because she looks like the bald friar from Robin Hood.

Naming chicks may be one the funnest parts. We have always optimistically given our chicks feminine names, but of course they don't always stick. So, Amelia became Emilio. Zoe is Zoltar. And when we realized what a terror Tesla was to become, we promptly renamed him Edison.

So, what if I name the one in the center Pancho? Do you think we can mess with fate, and ensure that Pancho would become a plump and proper hen?

Pancho and Tuck?


Tatiana suggested NASA names. We'll see if they have the right stuff to carry names like Buzz, Glenn, Gus, Sally, Onizuka... actually, those sound pretty cool.

They are adorable.

Mama Puff. Both hens have been sharing the big enamel basin. Both hens have been keeping the eggs, and tending the chicks. I think Puff was sad to be excluded from the fun when the first chicks hatched last winter. Now she is a proud mama, happy to share the duties of her post.

The chicks are enjoying long cool drinks from water we dropped on the fig leaf. We didn't plan on hatching more eggs, not for a while, but some times nature decides, and I can't say I am disappointed. There's still plenty of room on the roost in the main coop!


  1. Awww! Now I shall be watching for Tuck! They are all so cute!

  2. Love that furry stage.

  3. They are so cute!! My daughter just came by and asked who's they were, when I told her they were yours she said "Lucky" I see chickens in our future!

  4. I also Just noticed you lost your Polly Rat around the same time I lost my sweet Magnolia Blossom Rat, Its really hard they are such sweet animals. Sorry for your loss.

  5. "And when we realized what a terror Tesla was to become, we promptly renamed him Edison."

    That's hilarious for anyone who knows about that sort of thing! Genius!

  6. They are adorable. I can see why you are crazy about them.

  7. Baby chicks are so cute! Is the one an aracauna? I have one who looked just like that as a baby.

  8. Awe! You are having lovely chick moments too! Yours are amazing! How neat to watch them with their mama. Three cheers for chicks! I was just looking online for ways to determine the sex. Interesting... Lots of old wives tales. Could be fun. Have a great weekend...

  9. Cuuuute! Love the fuzzy babies!!


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