Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One and Two and Three Chicks

A third chica hatched today, but she was camera shy.
There are six eggs, which may possibly yield still more chicas.

Of course, three cutie chicas is plenty sweet.

These are the teeniest little chicky-pips I have ever seen.

Feathered joy.


Susan said...

So pretty...love them! I hope they all hatch.

tara said...

I have been enjoying the piping series. We don't have cickens this year and I missed this fun. So sweet.

Miriam said...

Nothing - not even puppies and kittens - are as cute as chicks. And these two are very sweet! Congratulations to the proud parents and the whole human family, too!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

How adorable! The yellow chica looks like she has a little bindi on her head. :-)

Irish Zan said...

You should add a third check box to your Reactions that says "sweeet" so I can check it right now.

Natalie T. said...

They are the same age as ours! Same birthday. They can be best pen pal friends. ;)