Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Respect, and Thanks

Respect was one of the themes emphasized in the first month at Maria's school, and this week she was recognized at assembly for demonstrating exceptional qualities of respect for herself, her peers, her class, and the world. Parents were invited to step up on stage with their child. Grandparents were in attendance. We enjoyed refreshments afterward.

I didn't know how sweet it would feel to see Maria so delighted about receiving this recognition. I'm happy I could be there, with my camera. It's one of those simple gestures that winds up feeling like a very special occasion.

And I would like to add: Maria is in a wonderful school. Thank you, Karen, Marla, Carol, Anne, Yanina, Janice, Mim, Dawn, Angelica... some of the great people who paved the way, and make us welcome.


  1. Congratulations to a girl who exemplifies the qualities that her family holds dear! The world is a better place with Maria (and her family!) in it!!

  2. Congratulations!
    I am enjoying your posts (as usual). I especially liked when you said you might have to follow Suki to college. I picture my 3 girls and hope they are so loved by others as well. And have blue hair and wrar scooby doo costumes.

  3. Congratulations to Maria! (Did she grow about a foot over the summer?!!) And congratulations to the family that has helped her be the wonderful young person that she is.

  4. BIG CONGRATS, Maria! And congrats to you, Mom! ;o) So young and knowing respect... that is so refreshing somehow. Marie seems to exude a new maturity in this photo...how beautiful to see this young lady growing up and becoming the wonderful person she is. Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

  5. Ah, many thanks.
    I love that she doesn't really know what she's done... meaning she did not set out to win an award. She was just being herself. And you all are really sweet to suggest how nicely this reflects on our family... thank you.
    Tara, I am campaigning to get Alex and Suki in the same school, or town... how else can I be two places at once!? It is a good aspiration: children loved and appreciated by their families and community. I bet yours are already there.

  6. That is an excellent reason to get an award! What a beautiful daughter you have, inside & out. Also, love Maria's robot shorts!

  7. Good job Maria! We are all proud of you...


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