Tuesday, September 20, 2011

99,963 and Prolly More

Since May of 2009, there have been 99,963 visits to Chickenblog.


I wonder how many visits there've been since May 2002. Prolly a lot.

*Prolly means Probably, and it's how Suki spells it. I like how it sounds. Suki's been a wonderful addition to my life. I prolly will have to follow her to college.

It would be really cool if something magnificent happens as soon as the one hundred thousandth visitor comes by Chickenblog... something as big and exciting as the anticipation and excitement I am feeling about this random, impending milestone.

Most visited post since May 2009: His Pinkness. I like to think it is because Ferris was adorable and pink, but the more likely cause of the popularity of this post is a nickname Ferris had: l-o-v-e-r b-o-y. If you don't know this already: key words will bring trolls down from the mountain in search of posts with particular topics of an inappropriate quality. They must be sad trolls when they visit here.

Three, of the top ten most popular posts, are for FIRST and 2102 Team Paradox, which is positively delightful. Go Robotics!

Sorry for all the navel gazing. Statistics are kind of fascinating though.

This morning our dining table was covered, as it is most mornings, with stuff. I only rarely get actually angry about our table being a work bench. I spend more time wishing our kitchen were bigger, and had room for a larger work bench table, because I love that everyone wants to be together, doing their projects and work.

It is Fall.


Officially? I don't know, but all the signs I need are here.

Welding masks and gloves means that Fall ROP Metals has started, and Geoff and William are learning to TIG weld, which is just so unbelievably cool. I am putting in an order for a real chicken coop, with aluminum framing, and a swing set. Oh, and also some laundry lines. Thank you.

In and Out ink drawings means Alex, and Suki, are in AP Studio Art, and completing assignments that illustrate an interior and exterior of the same subject. Alex chose to draw a mother and child. The mother has had a few bio-robotic parts implanted. I am just happy that she can function, and enjoy loving her baby. AP Studio Art brings a lot of stuff to the table. Art.

We have pumpkins. Too soon? Too Halloweenie? I can't help myself. I absolutely cannot wait for pumpkin carving. We love carving pumpkins, early, or late, in the season. But, it is only September, and so I will refrain from sharing the rest of our seasonal activities... but how about a clue?

We have our theme for Halloween at The Bird House...

I prolly shouldn't say any more.

This has been most random.

Thank you.

Have a beautiful day.

*::WOW... Word of the Week: Prolly means : without much doubt; reasonably true.

1:02 pm: 100,026 visits.

I don't know what this means on a cosmic scale, but I am grinning intently.


ArtyZen said...

A most awesome number. Prolly even more awesome now...and now....and now! Axxx

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Hey with friends like you, it most definitely is: Awesome!

unschool said...

100,000 and counting--so cool! You are one of my favorite blogs, and I always love dropping in to visit. I can imagine that is true for many others, as well.