Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seasonal Touches

The spiders have been decorating our garden... it's kind of creepy, if you happen to stumble through one of their webs, in the dark, but by the light of day those webs are magical apparitions.

The forecast is for heat and wind: Santa Ana. Hopefully, only heat and wind. I much prefer the cooler, seasonal days, and dewdrop mornings, fog, and sweater weather.

Is this change of color for fall? I think these shrubs are always tinged with autumn colors. Maria spied one fallen leaf and exclaimed wildly! "Fall! Fall! A leaf! A leaf!" Time for an expedition, I think. Somewhere in this county we must be able to find some beautiful deciduous trees undressing for fall.

Max called me out to see these morning webs, sparkling from the foggy morning. We agreed that it is terribly thoughtful of nature to bestow these decorations upon the garden. It's a perfect touch for our Halloween mood. And speaking of Halloween mood... how about the artists who have been doing all this work? The spiders are big this year... really big! Just a warning!

Sorry, if I gave you the chills, the heebie-jeebies! Maybe you don't want to see this next one!

Gah! I just gave myself the heebie-jeebies!!


  1. Thanks for the warning, but...BLEAAARGHHH!!!


    Suki's nuts. :) Wish I could meet her in person!

  2. Yep! I have the heebie jeebies now! I have always been creeped out by spiders. When I was a child I was walking from the garage to the house in the dark, and ran into a giant spider web. I freaked out!
    Another time I was in my living room and HEARD a spider walking over some wadded up paper on the floor. The spider was that big!

  3. Yikes! I'm a little unnerved by spiders at the best of times, but jeez-louise, that's creepy. Up here in Canada our spiders and insects generally come in smaller packages, which is one reason why I live here...

  4. Spiders always give me the heebie-jeebies (and whoever came up with that word I wonder??)...the penultimate spider with the lumpy bumpy body and legs in such odd pairings is rather creepy. The other garden spider doesn't bother me too much....but running into their webs can make me do a rather funny dance!

  5. One Word: Arachnophobia.

  6. I rather like spiders and think their webs are so wonderful - you have some stunning ones in your garden! (Don't fancy eating them though...)

  7. Love the web photos - gorgeous, Natalie!

    And Suki is crazy - the very best kind of crazy! ;)

  8. That last shot made me shudder. And next-to-last one looks like a very stylish spider.

  9. My yard is having a ridiculously spidery year, too! I can't go two feet without a facefull of web. I also have a giant spider bite (I guess?) on my arm that two separate coworkers told me they think I should get checked out. I figure if I'm not dead yet, it couldn't have been poisonous, right??

  10. KARA! I think everyone would agree... get it checked, at least if it is red, swelling, or oozing caustic smelling spider toxins!

    Everyone, thank you for sharing the heebie-jeebies (whatever it means) with me. It's so much more fun being scscscsared with friends!

  11. Karl. Oakland Bay Area.October 12, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Nice! I remember hearing spiders too, like the earlier commenter. That was back in England, when I was much younger, and my room was littered with discarded magazines and paper.

  12. Run, don't walk, to your nearest "Enter to Win $5,000" Photo Contest website and enter these amazing shots. Once again, I'm in awe of your photos.

  13. Audible spiders. >>shudders<<

    Zan, thank you. Timely subject... I could use a 'blog = income opportunity!'


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