Sunday, October 09, 2011

We Click!

Blogging has many rewards. This week we are enjoying the best: face to face time with blogging friends. The anticipation was wild... full of questions, eager joy, wondering, and then a comfortable and settled realization came over me, that this meeting would actually be as natural and relaxed as any meeting with old friends. And it has been... seven years of sharing our lives through emails, and blog posts has made our visit simple, natural... as though we have always known each other. And the girls? Amira and Maria? Well! They just *click!* It's delightful.

Just hanging out. In the kitchen, at the beach, fine tuning our survival strategy in case of the zombie apocalypse... we totally click!

Of course the Anagram Sisters have taken no heed of the rest of us, and World War Z. They are off, together, filling the sea with sand, putting on big hats, running, skipping, and laughing. Non-stop play and smiles.

Anna Banana came over too, and there was more connecting and filling in. Lovely and good. I think about the only thing that could improve this visit, would be if we could find a wardrobe to could get into and bring Tarie over! I think we could make this happen... someday!

There is more to say, more to treasure, more to do... so, let the day begin!

I want to enjoy every beautiful Moment.


Tabby said...

Oh Natalie, enjoy them for me. It is such a delight to see my dear friends snapped on film and hear about their adventures online. I am so glad you all clicked - aren't they wonderful? I love those Moments, too.

nikkipolani said...

Delicious! Sunshine and sea and sand and friends and clicking.

Janece said...

Aw, I love this blog and photos so much. I've certainly upped your return visit stats with my repeated visits. ;)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Tabby, the Moments are wonderful. Even now, knowing they are headed north this very morning, I am sad to let them go.

Nikkipolani, you know the good stuff! Time with friends is precious.

Janece, I love you. Thank you, Paul and Amira too, for including us in your adventures. You gave us such a gift, and we are all still enjoying the fun and friendships you brought with you.

Janece said...

Look at those tiny girls! ;) My FB "remember what was happening on this day so and so years ago" app keeps popping up happy memories from our vacation in 2011. This was a happy blog post to remember! :D