Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today on The Chicken Channel

For your viewing pleasure, today on The Chicken Channel we have The Great Escape, a heartwarming tale of twelve cooped up birds reaching great heights to escape their 'hood...
Repeats daily. No animals were harmed in the documenting of this story.

Today I stood the tripod outside the shark cage, in hopes of capturing the daily exodus. Even without a remote, or a timer, I still managed to get some shots of the height and distance the chicks can achieve when they fly the coop. I opened the cage and stepped back to the camera... and look at my crazy birds!

I need to ask Tatiana to show me how to get my video to work.
Yes, Alex and Tots know my camera better than I do.

These are the chicks... almost three months old. In flight you are looking at Son of Zoltar. Unfortunately, there are three Sons of Zoltar. They are just beginning to leave their awkward phase and entering into their freak-hoodlum phase.

I cannot even begin to describe the absurd "crowing" attempts they've been making. If a rooster says "Cock-a-doodle-doo," then juvenile roosters say, "Crack-ahem-ca-ca-ca-blech," and their tiny frames look like they might burst.

So, we have three hen chicks, and three men chicks. Guess I will be taking a country ride soon. It's never a happy prospect, but then neither is a yard full of cocky-little-dudes.

The Chicken Channel, always on, always good.


  1. Hahahaha! Love these pictures.


  2. I guess I imagined the chickens would meander from their confines, leisurely pecking their way to the outer reaches of the garden. Not this FLIGHT!

  3. Oh Yeah! And I *hear* "Ride of The Valkyries" when I open the door! The older chickens scramble out, on the solid ground, but the chicks are flyers!

  4. Flyers not Fryers... ha ha! (I must be in a weird mood; never mind!)

  5. Seriously, that is quite a setup you have there... impressive!

  6. Hey! That was fun! They sure are in a hurry!

  7. Always love to see what's on the Chicken Channel! The folly of their youth is perfectly captured here in the gawky, frantic flight -- I can exactly imagine it.

  8. Love the photos - would not love to be there as I have a bit of a phobia of birds flying (or trying) near me. Laughed out loud at the pics though!! Axxx


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