Friday, December 07, 2012

Sunrise Moments

From our backyard we look east, over a valley, toward the mountain foothills of San Diego County. Sunrise is often a beautiful time of day. And from the time I look out, until I can grab my camera, it's usually changed. The sun rising, the clouds moving, the moon growing fainter. Each moment presents a new view to sigh over.

SOOC... straight out of camera. I don't have Photoshop. I use the limited editing tools that came with iPhoto, but today I let the exposure, brightness, shadows, and highlights speak for themselves. I do wish I could say what time each moment was captured... someone, please remind me to set the correct time on my camera. I'd say this was roughly 6:30 am, not long after my mom and I dropped Alex off at his work.

December sunrise palette... lovely colors.

And, only four minutes later, more light. I stood near the barn, while Delia shot from the porch. The colors were so intense, so saturated, and everything was aglow in rosy and lavender hues.

Next June, our Jacaranda tree will be blooming those same jeweled purple tones. The goats are out of their sleeping pen, and enjoying the brisk morning air. They've gotten wooly and dear for winter. The barn is closed up against the cold, and inside I've hung flannel sheets, and quilts, for insulation. It's still a favorite sleeping spot.

Later, if we're lucky, real winter will arrive, and those mountains that we see out our backdoor, just beyond the foothills, may be snow capped. Won't that make for some beautiful sunrise moments?


  1. These are beautiful photos! I love seeing all the "critters" in your little peaceable kingdom.

  2. Wow, stunning photos!

  3. Absolutely stunning - I think anyone up at dawn deserves to see such a wonderful sight! Axxx

  4. So totally beautiful, and such fantastic photos! I never get tired of looking at the sky, watching what it's doing, soaking in the colors....

  5. Wow. Amazing colors. That last shot with the distant layers of mountains is breathtaking. It's like another world. All here is so monochromatic now.

  6. WOW WOW WOW. And the little blue barn? Well now you're just breaking my heart.


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