Sunday, June 30, 2002

What Is A "Blog"

Someone asked 'what is a chicken blog?' It had not occurred to me before, but 'chicken blog' does sound like a term for some sort of chicken act or deposit. We do get little chicken 'blogs' on the sidewalks, so careful where you step. But a blog is someone's log posted on the web and published by a server, like Blogger or Blogspot. There are thousands of other logs posted. Blogger formats and posts the websites for people. Mine is the no frills, free publication, but there are other more elaborate blogs with links, and graphics. I am geek dependent, and rely on Geoff to do my technical support, and in exchange I remind him what month this is and where we keep the Christmas lights, stuff like that.

Another point someone made is that the "e-mail me" button doesn't have my actual address installed. Initially, I left it blank, because I was too much of a wuss to want to hear responses, or worse yet to see there were no responses. This morning I tried to set it up, a daring act technically and emotionally. Unfortunately, technical support has already left for the office. Anyone compelled to responded to Chicken Blog, please write to me at:

There was an inquiry about the men working here; no, they have not been "checking me out." When I speak of "my cupcakes," I do not flatter myself. I have actually been practicing shameless acts of baking bribes and trying to keep the crew working, without succumbing to heat exhaustion, by passing out popsicles. The men are guilty of some bragging, being patronizing and breaking a few pipes, but they are otherwise respectful gentlemen.

The swimming pool update is somewhat discouraging: they aren't done. Well, I didn't really expect them to be done yet, but work has come to a grinding halt and the woman who schedules the crews says she can't have the next group out until after the 8th of July. The plumbers and electricians are supposed to come next, and then we get inspected. After that comes gunite (the concrete), then plaster and tile. By all accounts, the closer we come to being finished the slower the work gets done. In the meantime, the landscapers, who work very fast, are going to be stalled by the open trenches Mission Pools has left for the gas, water and electrical lines. Hopefully they can stay occupied finishing the retaining wall and beginning to install irrigation in other parts of the yard. Mission Pools has too much of our money already to be influenced by my cupcakes!

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