Monday, July 01, 2002

The Christmas Quilt

Today is the first day that I will admit it is hot. There have been hot days up to this point, but I felt it was too soon to start making a point about it. Talking about the heat rarely ever changes anything. And whining about the heat only raises everyone's temperature 5 degrees. Summer here goes well in to October. There will be more hot days. There will be hotter days. Enough said. I wonder if I should call Leah, at Mission Pools, and see how scheduling is looking...

I will be brief today, because I am distracted. It's Christmas in July! I've picked up the quilt I started last November, and yesterday I made great progress on it. It is a Christmas themed, sampler quilt with hand embroidered squares. Since I never pre-engineer and I rarely measure overall yardage, I have reached the creative portion of the project: making the squares fit together in a pleasing manner. Well, I am off...!

*Updated September 28, 2010*
The quilt was completed November 2004, days before Maria Olivia was born.
I posted pictures in March 2007.

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